Leadership Seminar (hosting Shane Willard) HTML version

Jesus died on the cross, so that we could be peace makers, and not be a slave to the
way of the world, which says: since you've treated me this way, now I get to treat you
that way.
He died on the cross so we could be leaders in His biggest idea, and leaders in God's
biggest idea are committed to being peace makers. The cross here was not passive.
You realise being a peace maker is not passive? It's not some kind of just passive thing
that just happens.
Being a peace maker is an active decision, a pursuit of a way of life, called the kingdom
of God. Jesus was hardly passive when they were beating Him. Jesus was actively
choosing: I will not call 10,000 angels to end this. He was actively choosing: I will be a
peace maker at all cost, because that way is the best way for life, and I will die for that
way, before I'll let it be sabotaged by one moment with a sword.
So where are we with that? Where are we? How freeing does that make us, to know
that we can go home tonight, and if an argument breaks out, somebody can be a peace
Of course we say: which one needs to be the peace maker? The one who's most
mature! The one who's the most mature will act first, so everybody go home and have a
competition on who can be the most mature!
It means that tomorrow at work with that guy - you know that guy? That guy! The one
you wish God would just go ahead and take to heaven, that guy. Yeah, it means that
you can bless him, if he shows up to hurt you.
Do you know disempowering it is? Somebody says something bad about you; you
realise that all these pastors who get talked about bad, you realise how disempowering
it is, if those same pastors - if somebody said something bad about me, the best thing I
can do is get up on that stage and bless them from the stage, because then everybody's
thinking: what's wrong with you? He's blessing you.
Jesus' way was: you always gain authority through generosity. You always gain
authority through being a peace maker; but the question is this: do we have the faith to
believe for that, or do we settle for one cookie instead of three, and take our own way
and escalate? Then all we'll get is what we can bring, which is more escalation.
Jesus died so that you and I could go out of here tonight, and for the rest of our life be
peace makers, for blessed are the peace makers.
Lord, you're the best, and we just give You our leadership, we give You our hearts, we
give You our minds, we just commit our self again to You, and say openly: Jesus, Your
way is the best way for my life.