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come to bless you. And Jesus dealt with that. He dealt with that. He was teaching a
different way to live, called the kingdom of God.
Jesus could have gone sword for sword and won, but He wanted to teach a different
way. He wanted to teach a way to publicly defeat the way of the world. He wanted to
teach a way of peace.
It says at that time, Jesus said to the crowd: am I leading a rebellion - that you come out
with swords and clubs to capture me? Every day I sit in the temple courts teaching, you
didn't arrest me there.
But this is all taken place, so that the writings of the prophets might be fulfilled; then all
the disciples deserted Him and fled. When the pressure was on, they deserted that way
of life.
You guys know the rest of the Passion of the Christ, all the beatings, all the harassing,
the pulling His beard out, spitting . At every phase, He was still a peace maker.
At the end of it, everybody who did all of that to Him, He still forgave them. He was still
blessing people, up to the very end of His life. He was still letting thieves into heaven.
That is the way of our rabbi, that is the way.
Why did Jesus die on the cross? Why? Is it just to forgive you of sins? I hope not. Is it
just to forgive me of sins? I hope not. You know why Jesus died on the cross?
Part of the reason Jesus died on the cross, was so that here, now, in Hastings, New
Zealand, we could talk about something like this, and everybody here who's been hurt
and traumatised, can walk out of here tonight knowing: it's still possible to be a peace
Jesus died on the cross, so that the basic way of the world doesn't have a rule on your
life any more, so you don't have to escalate. You don't have to one-up people who hurt
Jesus died on the cross so that anybody here who was violated at a young age, they
can forgive. They can deal with that pain, and they can go on. Jesus died so that every
woman here, who was hurt by your father, and you're married now - He died, so that
you won't make your husband pay for the sins of your father. He died for that.
Jesus died on the cross, so that every one of us who've had friends desert us and flee,
in our moment of need - they deserted and fled; He died on the cross for all of us
who've had that happen, so that we could know that it was possible to cook breakfast on
the beach for the very people who've hurt us the worst.