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In other words, Samson's look on his face must have been unbelievable. Take her
instead; and Samson said to them - now if you're a note taker, you want to note this,
because this is the basic way of the world.
Samson said to them: this time, I have a right to get even with the Philistines, so I will
really harm them. In other words, this is what the basic way of the world, this is the anti -
peace maker: since you have acted this way; now I have a right to step outside of
Jesus, to unwrap my tassels, and to deal with you harshly. Now if you missed the
tassels thing you need to get that, but we do this all the time.
If Jesus was: why did you act that way? Don't you know the way of Jesus? Don't you
know that that's not in the way of Jesus?
Yeah, but Jesus, did you know what they did? They acted this way, so that gave me a
right to act that way. And it's an escalation pattern, that goes nowhere good fast, and
you're going to see this pattern in the rest of the story.
So he went out and he caught 300 foxes, and he tied them tail to tail in pairs, and then
he fashioned a torch to every pair of tails, and he lit the torches, and let the foxes loose
in the standing grain of the Philistines, and he burned up all the shocks and the standing
grain, together with the vineyards and the olive groves.
When the Philistines asked: who did this, they were told: Samson, the Timnite son-in-
law, because his wife was given to his friend.
Remember now this thing starts out as a fairly innocent joke no one understands, and it
escalates into a threat of burning; they figure out the joke; he kills 30 men to pay the
debt of the joke; his father-in-law gives his wife away; then Samson says: because
you've done this to me, now I'm going to really harm you.
And in an agricultural community, he burns down all their grain, which meant he ruined
their economy for the whole year. This thing has escalated from a joke no one
understands, to 30 people have died, his wife has been taken from him, the economy of
an entire nation is ruined, and 300 foxes have lost their lives.
Hmm, so now he takes 300 foxes and he ties them - now you've got to give him points
for creativity on this. Come on now, you've got to give him some points! So it goes,
because his wife was given to his friends; so the Philistines went up - now watch how it
escalates - because he did that, the Philistines went up and burned her to death.
So now, now they said: why did Samson burn our g rain down? Oh, he burned the grain
down because his father-in-law gave his wife to his best man; so the Philistines said:
oh, they're the cause of it, so they go and they burn the father and the daughter to
death. This thing is escalating out of control!