Leadership Seminar (hosting Shane Willard) HTML version

I want you to have a moment of Repentance, for where you've given in.
I'm not saying we're not good-hearted people when we do it. You want to think like a
kingdom person, to just take that position: I am a kingdom person. I am a person of
Your future, the future of the people you love, and your faith, will be secure; because we
will stand against it.
WE WILL TRUST GOD. WE will not compromise for the one cookie. We will trust God
for the three.
Just let that empowerment settle up in you. Sin can't tell you what to do, one more day.
That anger has no power of you. That rejection doesn't have any power over you.
You can stand against it today, and be a better leader in the kingdom of God.
Temptation can't have our future; it can't have the future of the people we love; and it
cannot have our faith.
WE will overcome, for WE will trust God. Amen.
This story is about Peacemakers & Escalation…Our hero of the faith was a rebellious,
spoilt brat, who wanted his own way, in every single way. This was a man that was
sleeping with prostitutes on his wedding night, because he got depressed, because his
From what started out as a joke no-one understood, a fascinating cycle of violence
ensues, based on: because you did this, I now have a right to do that. I merely did to
them, what they did to me. This way of living will always bring death.
Let me ask you a question, and be careful how quick you answer this inside. This is an
internal question: If you could go to heaven without Jesus, is He still worth following? If
heaven and hell wasn't the issue, is Jesus still worth following?
You can't go to heaven without Jesus, but I think it's very important for us to play with
that thought for a second. If you could go to heaven without Jesus, is He still worth