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Jesus' life looked like, by living it out. That gave him the credibility to announce that the
kingdom of God was at hand. Cookie-cutter evangelism doesn't work. Demonstrating
the Power of God, within the Disposition of Messiah, gives us the Credibility to speak
life into any situation.
Being a Good Neighbor (4 of 6) (Shane Willard) Luke 12:13 is the only time that Jesus'
actually proclaims: God is going to kill you. It's not any of the sins you would think. It's
not adultery, fornication, burning your children in fire, idolatry. Its greed! Jesus is not
impressed by what kind of car you drive, house you live in, or anything you possess; but
with how much compassionate, gracious, slow to anger, abounding -in-love, character is
present in your homes.
Form versus Function (5 of 6) (Shane Willard) Greek people, people with white skin
that come from Europe, and they find their origins in a really big, powerful church in
Europe, that has big buildings with apostles names named after them - we see form.
We always see form. We were trained to see form, we think in form, everything about us
is form. Hebrew people see function. To study our Bible more effectively, we should be
people who are training ourself to see function, not form.
worries of this life will keep the word of God from taking root in your life. It's something
that chokes your life out. The other one is the deceitfulness of wealth, which is a lie that
says: if I had this I would be happy. Do you have one day in seven, that is unlike any
other? If you do, how is it different? Who are the most important people to you? What
are you called to be? Is that getting your attention first?
Tefillah, Teshuvah, Tzedakah (1 of 6)
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Pictures from Hebrew hieroglyphics are used, like a comic strip, to illuminate the word.
Tefillah (Prayer) is to turn the head, in order to face the one, who can bear the burden.
Teshuvah (Repentance) is to change your thinking. Tzedakah is that Faith leads to