Leadership Seminar (hosting Shane Willard) HTML version

was, that Moses hit? It was like this big, and this little spout of water came out of it.
You're talking about five million people. There would have been mass chaos. Can you
imagine that? Line up, single-file, at the water fountain - can you imagine?
Moses hits the rock, and enough water comes out, to water three to five million people. I
don't know how much that is, but that is a lot of water; and all of a sudden everybody's
attitude changes again! We're singing in the rain - everybody's attitude's changing.
Everybody's jumping in the water. Little Johnny's mum's like: little Johnny, don't go the
toilet in the water.
The slave girls are jumping in and coming out. Coca Cola's out there with their video
cameras. Slave girls are coming up out of the water, and it says: Coke - refreshing!
Entrepreneurial people find plastic containers, and they're dipping in the water, walking
around you know: selling their water.
This whole thing changed in an instant; then they had to believe God every day for food
and water - and Jesus says: don't you know where I came from? I come from a group of
people - we were in a desert with no water, five million of us - and God provided mana
every day.
I will die up here, before I'll meet my own need, and not trust God for it; because He
knew there are three cookies on the other side. It wasn't worth it. He knew that
temptation affects three things. It's not just between you and God.
Temptation at least affects three things. Number one, it affects your future. Temptation
affects your future; and if you don't care about that, temptation also affects the future of
the people you love.
But more importantly, temptation affects your Faith. The temp tation of the enemy for us
is always to turn stones into bread. It's always to take something that's our truth, and
make it God's truth; take your guilt, turn it into bread.
You're forgiven, completely innocent of any sin, but you just feel guilty the rest of your
life. That's good - you need to feel guilty. God will like you better if you feel guilty. It's
like He's happy with you or something. That anger - I know that the Bible says: don't
even associate with one easily angered. But you get angry - and that's just you; people
don't understand what you've been through. Turn stones into bread. Rejection,
bitterness - it's easy to see this in others. People say: anger, what about righteous
anger? Well, the problem with righteous anger is: you always think yo u're right. We
always think we're right!
So it was really easy for me to see this in your life; and it's easy for you to see it in mine;
but can we see it in ourself? A mum that can't quit drinking - this isn't just about a mum
who can't quit drinking. This is about a broken home, with kids with emotions who are
going to be affected. A dad who has affairs - this is broken homes. A person who can't
control their anger - this is broken relationships. All of this affects generations.