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people in charge of the study came in, and they took ever ybody's plate away. The plate
that still had one cookie on it, they replaced it with three cookies; and the plates that had
nothing on it - they got nothing.
The next day, they came in again. You would think that the kids who could not wait the
first day, when they saw the three cookies come out, you would think the second day
that they would wait - because they know three cookies are coming out. They can trust
who's in charge, to do, what they say they were going to do; but what they actually
found is: over the course of 21 days, that the kids who ate the cookie on day #1, kept
eating the cookie every subsequent day.
Every subsequent day, they ate it quicker, to the point that by day #21, the kids who ate
the cookie on day #1, actually as soon as the cookie went down, they just ate it. They
didn't even give it a go; and the kids who waited on day #1, actually by day #21 found it
very easy to not eat their cookie - found it very easy!
What the psychological study found, over 30 years was this: that a 6-year-olds ability to
delay gratification was directly correlated to that same 6-year-olds ability to delay
gratification at 36.
Now before you panic - I guess there's always Jesus! How many of you realise that a 6-
year-old not being able to delay gratification, is one cookie instead of three; but a 36-
year-old not being able to delay gratification - that's lost employment; that's buying huge
items that you can't afford, with money you don't have, to impress people you don't like.
That's huge ramifications! That's broken relationships. That's a spoiled brat, who just, if
he can't get his way, runs every time.
How many of you realise that sin/temptation - there's just always more than meets the
eye? It's just always bigger than what it looks.
I want to talk to you the rest of the session about Temptation and Trust; because
temptation is one of those topics that leaders have to deal with; and it's also one of
those topics that, if you're here tonight, and you've been saved for 40 years - you deal
with temptation.
If I took a group of people, and I put someone who's been saved 40 years; someone
who's been saved 30; someone who's been saved 20; someone who's been saved 10;
someone who's been saved 10 minutes; and someone who doesn't even know who
God is; if I put them in a study group, and I said: your topic for tonight is temptation -
everybody would have a story to tell. It's not something that's limited to just a few
people. It brings us all into one boat.
I want to use the temptation of Jesus to bring this together; so in Matthew 3:16-17, then
it goes straight into Matthew 4. It says this: “As soon as Jesus was baptised, He went
up out of the water. At that moment heaven was opened, and He saw the Spirit of God
descending like a dove, and alighting on Him. A voice said from heaven: this is My Son