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Leadership Seminar
(hosting Shane Willard)
Mike Connell
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Leadership Seminar (Shane Willard 2008)
hieroglyphics are used, like a comic strip, to illuminate the word. Tefillah (Prayer) is to
turn the head, in order to face the one, who can bear the burden. Teshuvah
(Repentance) is to change your thinking. Tzedakah is that Faith leads to Righteousness
revealed - to be generous. The desire of your heart opens the door to humility.
Being a Peacemaker (2 of 6) (Shane Willard) This story is about Peacemakers &
Escalation…Our hero of the faith was a rebellious, spoilt brat, who wanted his own way,
in every single way. This was a man that was sleeping with prostitutes on his wedding
night, because he got depressed, because his best man stole his wife.
From what started out as a joke no-one understood, a fascinating cycle of violence
ensues, based on: because you did this, I now have a right to do that. I merely did to
them, what they did to me. This way of living will always bring death.
Demonstrating God's Power (3 of 6) (Shane Willard) Remarkable similarities are found
between the Corinthian Gods of Mithra, Adonis, Addis, Horus, and the Gospel story of
Jesus Christ. Paul's strategy changed in Corinth, instead of making fine-sounding
arguments that Jesus was the Christ, as he did with the Jews, he demonstrated what