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Welcome to the wonderful world of lead generation. Lead generation is nothing new;
in fact it’s been around for years. It’s only now, with the use of the internet that it
has really come into it’s own to be a truly powerful method of building and sustaining
a long-term business on the internet.
In this unique report I am going to show you the simple, yet effective method of
using lead generation to build yourself a highly responsive list in a niche AND get
paid to do it!
Sounds too good to be true? Well hold on tight as I reveal to you the methods that
you can use to build a business AND get paid for it!
What exactly is lead generation?
Now I could give you chapter and verse about how technical it is and how many
different things you must master to ensure you become an expert and truly succeed
at lead generation, but the truth is… it’s really simple.
Simply put lead generation is a method that allows you to capture prospects
information and put them into your marketing system to ensure future relationship
building and potential profits.
Lots has been written about lead generation and many of the expert marketers
would lead you to believe it’s a black art, but if learnt and applied you can build your
business to last. Just by using a simple website and an auto responder such as
Aweber you can easily start your very own lead generation.
What types of lead generation are there?
So, now we know what a simple definition of lead generation is now we can explore
what types of lead generation there are.
The first type of lead generation is known as CPA (Cost Per Action). Simply put this
is just a system that means the advertiser will pay an affiliate when a visitor takes a
desired action. This action usually is to complete a form that will contain one or more
fields of data that the advertiser has requested.
The length of this data can vary from one field (i.e. Zip code) to a number of fields(
name. address, email, telephone number etc). Usually the more data requested the
more the advertiser will pay the affiliate. Currently, for example on Max Bounty you
can get paid $1,00 for a visitor entering just a zip code. Compare this to a refinance
application which may contain up to 20 fields that could pay up to $150-$200.
You can easily fund CPA networks, as they are known by searching in Google.com,
here are a list of the most popular CPA networks that are currently live:
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