Law of Attraction HTML version

As I have said, when we think we set into motion vibrations of a very high degree, but
just as real as the vibrations of light, heat, sound, electricity. And when we
understand the laws governing the production and transmission of these vibrations we
will be able to use them in our daily life, just as we do the better known forms of energy.
That we cannot see, hear, weigh or measure these vibrations is no proof that they do
not exist. There exist waves of sound which no human ear can hear, although some of
these are undoubtedly registered by the ear of some of the insects, and others are
caught by delicate scientific instruments invented by man; yet there is a great gap
between the sounds registered by the most delicate instrument and the limit which
man's mind, reasoning by analogy, knows to be the boundary line between sound
waves and some other forms of vibration. And there are light waves which the eye of
man does not register, some of which may be detected by more delicate instruments,
and many more so fine that the instrument has not yet been invented which will detect
them, although improvements are being made every year and the unexplored field
gradually lessened.
As new instruments are invented, new vibrations are registered by them - and yet the
vibrations were just as real before the invention of the instrument as afterward.
Supposing that we had no instruments to register magnetism - one might be justified in
denying the existence of that mighty force, because it could not be tasted, felt, smelt,
heard, seen, weighted or measured. And yet the mighty magnet would still send out
waves of force sufficient to draw to it pieces of steel weighing hundreds of pounds.
Each form of vibration requires its own form of instrument for registration. At present the
human brain seems to be the only instrument capable of registering thought waves,
although occultists say that in this century scientists will invent apparatus sufficiently
delicate to catch and register such impressions. And from present indications it looks as
if the invention named might be expected at any time. The demand exists and
undoubtedly will be soon supplied. But to those who have experimented along the lines
of practical telepathy no further proof is required than the results of their own
We are sending out thoughts of greater or less intensity all the time, and we are reaping
the results of such thoughts. Not only do our thought waves influence ourselves and
others, but they have a drawing power - they attract to us the thoughts of others, things,
circumstances, people, "luck," in accord with the character of the thought uppermost in
our minds. Thoughts of Love will attract to us the Love of others; circumstances and
surroundings in accord with the thought; people who are of like thought. Thoughts of
Anger, Hate, Envy, Malice and Jealousy will draw to us the foul brood of kindred
thoughts emanating from the minds of others; circumstances in which we will be called
upon to manifest these vile thoughts and will receive them in turn from others; people
who will manifest in harmony; and so on.