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Meditation to Keep Fit

It was not so long ago when lives were simple and happiness was not a distant reality. But gone are those good old days. With urban stress and loneliness becoming a permanent phenomenon in our lifestyles, it has become essential for us to spend some time with ‘our self’. Stress management is what we all need to practice to lead simplified and happy lives. Not only does it bring a healthy change in our mind, but also in our health challenged bodies.

A simple solution to all these common problems lies in an age-old term that originated in the East and is widely appreciated the world over. It is called ‘Meditation’. It works wonders for those who indulge in this self-realizing exercise of mind and body. And all it takes is barely an hour and a silent corner away from the bustle of life. It is this hour when the body meets the soul and you enjoy a state of bliss. Meditation yoga brings in a perfect harmony of the mind and body. It is said to be very effective exercise for anger management and stress management. Due to the many benefits meditation yoga offers, more and more people the world over, are switching over to this form of exercise.

Meditation yoga is not as difficult an exercise form, as you may have imagined. All you need is find a silent corner, sit in a comfortable position and then start concentrating on one thing you like the most. Your unwavering concentration will take you to a different realm, which the learned say, is a perfect state, when you experience only happiness and peace. If you don’t know of a reliable guru, you can learn this exercise from the numerous books and websites that offer information and guidance about meditation. Meditation is of many types and based on your level of comfort you can gradually progress to a higher level.

Laughter meditation and laughteryoga are also forms of this exercise, which has of late become popular all over the world for the many health benefits it offers. When meditation yoga is coupled with laughter meditation it somehow seems less enigmatic to most people, as laughter is something everyone is familiar with. Laughteryoga is the easiest form of meditation that brings instant relaxation to mentally and physically fatigued muscles. It brings out the healthy person in you by detoxifying the long suppressed anger and stress within.

Any time you feel anger, stress or bodily discomforts creeping in, don’t just pop tablets. Practice meditation yoga and revive yourself.