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Yoga For Keeping Yourself Fit

Not so long ago India was known as land of snake charmers and elephants, but now the world knows it as the country where ‘Yoga’ originated. A psychophysical discipline that has become the most popular form of exercise practiced worldwide, it has changed the course of millions and is gaining popularity in every remote corner of the world. Yoga dates back to 5000 years. It originated as a form of exercise in which stress was laid on physical postures and breathing. Meditation yoga is known as the purest form of soul searching and food of the soul. It took years of research, practice and knowledge for Yoga to emerge as the present day perfect form of body mind yoga exercises.

In literal terms Yoga means Union. In more spiritual terms it means union of your body with soul. Every year thousands of tourists get attracted to the Indian subcontinent in search of the roots of its origin. And of late, fitness yoga regime is gaining popularity worldwide. Yoga has also been included in some schools curriculum.

Unlike gym exercises, fitness yoga does not pump up your biceps or tone your abs, but it definitely takes you towards a healthy living. It is far removed from the normal sit up and push-up regime that most of us indulge in, while listening to deafening music. On the other hand fitness yoga stresses on meditating during performing specific postures. Therefore it has a healing effect on both mind and body. The yogic postures not only make body stronger and leaner but also increase flexibility. Yoga is said to be a cure for complex problems like arthritis, gastric problems, hypertension and in more recent times also for dreaded diseases like cancer. Fitness yoga also improves concentration and helps in loosing weight naturally. And the best part of this fitness regime is the fact that it does leave any side effects even when one discontinues it.

In this hi-tech age when we do not have time to live healthy lifestyles, this fitness mantra acts as a boon. It not only keeps body in shape but also releases stress. Breathing postures, meditation, laughter yoga and others help keep many respiratory problems at bay. Yoga coupled with laughter has proven to be an effective laughter medicine therapy. So, just add a little Yoga and see the amazing difference it can make to your life.