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Yogalaff Club For Laughter Yoga

'Laughter Yoga' as the name suggests is a specialized branch of yoga that deals with laughter therapy combined with the traditional Yogic postures. It is in a way modern form of yoga with its roots originating from the traditional Yoga. In this hi-speed age, yoga comes as a boon since it not only keeps body in shape but also releases stress. Laughter yoga is becoming popular in every hook and corner of the world, more so in urban areas. On your morning walks you are sure to come across members from a local laughter club who laugh away uncontrollably, at the slightest provocation.

Yogalaff club is one such club that was formed by Dr. Madan Kataria, a physician from Mumbai, in 1995. And today it is widespread in 40 countries with more than 5000 branches world over. A miraculous event of healing of degenerative cells through therapeutic laughter prompted Dr. Kataria to form this club. Initially he practiced it with his patients, family and friends through cracking jokes. But soon he realized that he ran short of jokes. But looking at the results laughter therapy was bringing to his patients, he took up laughing yoga more seriously. The yogalaff laughter club is a laughteryoga workshop in an informal setting, located in the heart of the garment district in New York. This laughter club in New York invites visitors and participants to drop in for a good laugh periodically every week.

Laughter Yoga picks its roots from hasya yoga, the traditional form of belly bursting laughter ending up in amazing health benefits. It brings mind and body in perfect harmony by warding off insecurities. During the course it teaches its members to forget and forgive which helps a person to attain spiritual enlightenment. It stresses on laughing out at all the problems in life and thus shows the true reward of this spiritual healing process.

After one joins the laughter club, he/ she is provided with all the necessary information through printed matters, posters and all reading material. Training is also given through video clippings, where postures are taught through audio video medium. Yogalaff center for


laughter yoga in New York, also has specialized training programs for corporate teams and individuals. It has the same healing effect for everyone, since it heals a person from within and results in bringing a shining change to one’s personality. Dr. Kataria, founder of the club for laughter therapy, today travels extensively the world over to spread awareness about this therapeutic healing exercise. Usher in good health by bringing about a laughing change in your life.