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Make your life happy with Anger Management
Anger is strong negative emotion. It may be directed at someone or something or some
circumstance. Many things cause anger: loss, injustice, jealousy, loss of control, lack of
hope, sleeplessness, chemical imbalances and physical pain. There seems to be some small
amount of physical side effect of anger. There is clear evidence of increased blood pressure
during anger, which is a tendency towards heart attack.
The natural way to express anger is to respond aggressively. It is natural adaptive response
to threats; it inspires powerful often aggressive feelings and behaviors which allow us to
fight and to defend ourselves when we are attacked. A certain amount of anger is necessary
for our survival. On the other hand we can't physically lash out at every person or object
that irritates or annoys us. In such case anger management becomes some kind of
necessity. The goal of anger management is to reduce both your emotional feelings and
the physiological arousal that anger causes. You can't avoid the things or the people that
enrage you nor can you change them but you can learn to control your reactions. offers you various techniques through which you can control your anger to
a large extent. suggests laughter therapy in which a series of yogic exercises are
undertaken voluntarily with the sole purpose of inducing laughter. Laughter yoga is a
combination of simple empowering and "tension-releasing" laughter exercises combined
with gentle yoga breathing techniques. We use laughter (rapid contractions of the
diaphragm) as a form of exercise to flush our lungs (and through it our bloodstream and
whole body) with fresh oxygen, strengthen the immune system and boost "happy"
chemistry. No tricks no tickling no alcohol and no jokes. The laughter comes straight from
the heart as pure joy. Laughteryoga is non-political, non religious, non-racial, non-
threatening and non-competitive.
Laughter club in New York provides excellent laughter therapy as stress management.
Laughter yoga is the easiest form of meditation and brings instant relaxation in a pleasant
way. The act of laughter instantly lowers blood pressure for hypertensive persons,
stimulates the brain, expands and enriches the blood vessels with oxygen, and sends more
blood racing to the extremities. A daily dose of laughter is anti-ageing and beats any anti-
oxidant pill on the market. For more information on laughter yoga and laughter therapy