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Know The Relation Of Laughter & Health
A good laugh anytime of the day can rejuvenate your mind and body, like no other exercise.
It can detoxify all the stress and anger suppressed deep inside you. Laughter and health
go hand in hand. In Mathematical terms, it would mean, that your health is directly
proportional to your amount of laughter. Most of us spend hours in gyms and devour health
related books, but what we don’t realize is how effective laughter therapy can really be.
There are however, a few who realize how laughter medicine is the most effective for
stress management.
Dr. Lee Berk from California says that laughter brings about a state of eustress, which in
psychological terms is the right opposite of distress. Scientifically, good laughter can
instantly lower blood pressure in hypersensitive people. The reason is very simple. When
you indulge in long laughing sessions, it enriches your blood vessels with oxygen, which in
turn enhances the blood circulation of your body. And if the blood circulation in the body is
proper, your skin gets a glow, your brain functions better and you feel a sense of goodness
about you. Good blood circulation also makes you look many years younger since your skin
retains its suppleness. And the best part lies in the fact is that you don’t have to spend a
single penny, just a little time and you can achieve a lifetime of good health.
Till recently, laughter therapy was considered a leisure time activity, but now it has
become popular all over the world as more and more people realize the relation between
laughter and health. Yoga and laughter have become popular exercises that can help you
shed extra kilos of ill health without racing on those sophisticated instruments in the gym.
Laughter yoga and laughing clubs have sprung up like mushrooms in most of the cities
where people have actively started taking part. On a morning walk you will easily come
across a dozen people laughing together lead by a captain. Young and old alike participate
since most people today are led down by stress, hypertension and stress related disorders.
So, the next time you come across people laughing in a group, don’t just ignore those
laughing bouts; realize the relation between laughter and health and immediately join
them. Laugh and bring about a healthy change in you!