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In putting this book together I have borrowed considerably
from other writers, reporters, aficionados and authors. When I
have failed to fully recognise their considerable input, I beg
their indulgence and apologise.
In instances where I have expressed my own opinion I make
no apology and risk your contrary view and censure.
The place is real and the characters are based on local
residents in the Village. To protect their innocence their names
have been changed. Also the businesses in the Village are real
but some have had their trade names altered to avoid
litigation. I am sometimes a customer but never a food critic.
If you have any interest in the Chartwell Venture Fund concept
the author may be contacted at
I hope that readers will forgive the shallow story line. It is the
factual economic drama unfolding in South Africa which has
centre stage and is the real story line.
My hope is twofold. If in reading this diatribe you decide to visit
South Africa and/or Umhlanga Rocks I would be highly
delighted and secondly if you gain a better understanding of
‘paradise lost’ then my last gasp would have been well worth it.
Bryan Britton is a retired former financial executive and venture
capitalist whose other books include ‘Stepping Stones’. ‘A
Bridge Too Far’ and ‘Umhlanga Rocks’. All books are available
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