La Serie del Lenguaje Moderno Heath: José HTML version

Nevertheless I believe thatscholars will welcome the new
information on the life of Sr. Valdés.
The text is that of the sole Spanish edition (Madrid, 1885), the
newedition in the Obras Completas now in course of publication
not havingyet appeared. I have, however, beside correction of
errata, changed twowords and omitted ten to better adapt the
text for class use.
In the notes I have aimed to explain all serious difficulties.
Withtheir aid and that of grammar and dictionary the student
should be ableto present a correct translation. I have, however,
by no meansexhausted possibilities in annotation, believing that
the reading of atext should not be a mere recitation, preferring
that the interestedstudent should have an opportunity to exercise
his ability and apply theknowledge already acquired, and
holding also that many explanations arebetter retained when
given orally by the teacher to his class.
I am happy to acknowledge here the generous aid of Professor
W. H.Fraser of the University of Toronto, who examined the
MS. of the notesand offered numerous valuable suggestions, not
a few of which have beenadopted, and also, and most
particularly my debt of gratitude to theauthor of José, who so
kindly accorded his sanction to this edition,who placed at my
disposal hitherto unpublished biographical data, whofurnished
me some information otherwise inaccessible, and who by
hisfriendly encouragement stimulated me to the completion of
my work.
F. J. A. D.
JAN. 10, 1900.