Kurt's Pretty Lady HTML version

In 1983, President Reagan made his famous "Star Wars" speech, whereby our
nation would develop a space-based killer satellite system that would protect our country
from nuclear attack from any adversary. Congress, of course, declined to finance such a
program as they felt it was too expensive. This story begins in 1984 where the National
Security Agency has begun the program as a "black project". The killer satellite program
would progress without public knowledge, but an unexpected snag developed in the
program. The Soviets infiltrated one of the nation’s most secure laboratories at a secret
base in Nevada and acquired enough information to build their own killer satellite. The
job of damage control fell upon Bob Riddle, a former CIA agent who now works for the
NSA. He must develop a method of getting an engineer into Russia and into one of their
secure laboratories to make changes in the stolen plans to slow the Soviets’ progress and
give the United States the advantage in the race for control of near space.
Bob Riddle’s plan is to recruit a former U.S. Air Force C-130 gunship pilot to get
the engineer into Russia. His plan is extremely dangerous and the balance of world
power rests in the hands of Mary Anderson, a beautiful engineer and Kurt Stillwell, the
former pilot. Mary Anderson is about to embark on an adventure that will test many
things in her life; her patriotism, her courage, her ability to trust a man with her life and
most of all her love life.