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Kulliyat-e-Akhtar Muslimi
Akhtar Muslimi an Urdu Poet was born on 1st January 1928 in a famous village Muslim Patti of District Azamgarh (Uttar Pradesh, India) and died on 25th April 1989. His 2 collections "Mauj-e-Naseem" (1961) and "Mauj-e-Saba" (1981) were published in his life while 3rd collection "Jaam-o-Sindaa" is included in "Kulliyat-e-Akhtar Muslimi" after his death. 1st Edition of "Kulliyat-e-Akhtar Muslimi" was published in 2013 while 2nd Edition in 2017. Akhtar Muslimi wrote famous Islahi Tarana (Madrasatul...
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