Kissing Frogs: Tall Tales and Insights from the Dating Pond HTML version

With the invention of Photoshop and the
billions of dollars spent to attain ageless beauty,
we work harder than ever on our physical
attractiveness to land our prince. Our distorted
ideology—that Prince Charming will save us
and love us for our beauty—rules our society.
Thus, the dating pond is murkier than ever. To
survive, a woman must know the difference
between fairytale and reality. We must be
cognizant not to project our dream of a prince
on a frog that, no matter how well we kiss or
love him, is really only a frog (or worse, a toad).
So, we date, date, date, date…
I am a divorced woman with no tadpoles
(though, I do have two small dogs). Being
successful, I thought my “resume” would be
enticing enough to attract a prince. I mean, I’m a
financially stable, college-educated (with honors
and a full-ride scholarship) former tennis
professional. With twenty-one years in sales and
marketing, I’m a top-producing realtor. I’m a
blogger, speaker, radio host for my show, “The
Dating Pond”, and I have appeared on HGTV’s
“House Hunters”. My Catholic parents raised
me with proper manners, a high drive to
achieve, and to treat people well. I own my own
home. I bathe every day. I donate to worthy
causes. I have served in Rotary Club and
volunteer for various charity projects. I have a
heart, even though I possess lots of sass and
sarcastic humor. I kind of thought I was sort of a
catch! But, even with all that I had to offer, it
took me 41 dates to meet a knight in shining