Killer Patterns HTML version

In this ebook are several patterns which produce great trading signals/ trading
opportunities for trading stocks, futures, FOREX and so on - especially when two or
more of these patterns occur at once, in the same time frame or in more than one time
All jargon/ terms like **this** are explained later so that identifying and using these
killer patterns is extremely easy.
When there is info like [[this]] - it means these terms are being explained. If you already
know what these terms mean – you’ll know what to miss out.
OK let’s get to it...
Entering a **short trade** based on three sell signals would be a no-brainer, especially if
one of these sell signals was the one shown on page 12.
- [[Entering a ‘short trade’ means selling to start with, without having bought anything
first - and this is also known as ‘selling to open a position.’ The opposite is entering a
‘long trade,’ which means buying to start with, without having sold anything first – and
this is also known as ‘buying to open a position.’]]
Furthermore, the longer the time frame that the patterns occur in, the longer the move is
likely to be - either up or down. So patterns noticed on the weekly charts will produce
bigger moves than patterns noticed on the daily charts. Also, signals in longer time
frames are more reliable than signals given in shorter time frames.
Some of these patterns are so good that they don't require backup from other patterns for
you to take the trade. This advice is a guide based on my trading, observations and
reading of the markets over the last decade.
If you're anything like me you'll want to get on with it and just see the patterns that work
extremely well and read the most valuable info - without an in depth description of how
it's all calculated, so that’s what I've done. If you want a more thorough description -
please contact me through my site and I'll add it to a future eBook.