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programs you join by giving your own endorsements
for the products. They usually pull more sales than
ads. For example, you could say, "This e-book sent
chills up my spine! I highly recommend buying it!"
Another example, "All I have to say is, ‘Wow! It's
that good!’"
4 Speed up your Internet access. You can get your
online business tasks done faster, which will help
you stay ahead of your competition. It can speed up
your research, online marketing tools, Internet utilities,
software downloads, etc.
5 Allow people who do not have time to explore
your site to download your web site in e-book
format. This will allow them time to view it offline.
Just compile it like you would a normal e-book.
You could also turn it into a viral marketing tool by
allowing people to give it away to others for free.
Chapter 2
6 Use a lot of headlines and sub-headlines on your
web site. This will hold people’s attention and keep
them at your web site longer. Sometimes people
don't have time to read a whole sales letter. This'll
allow you to sell to people who are skimmers. Plus
it will get the reader’s full attention at the same time.
7 Take advantage of popular fads. If something is
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