Killer Marketig Schemes HTML version

The Table Of Contents
Chapter 1- Schemes 1-5
Chapter 2- Schemes 6-10
Chapter 3- Schemes 11-15
Chapter 4- Schemes 16-20
Chapter 5- Schemes 21-25
Chapter 6- Schemes 26-30
Chapter 1
1 Educate yourself with new strategies to increase
your sales. You could take classes, subscribe to
e-zines and magazines, read books or e-books, etc.
Internet business and technology move at lightning
speed. You need to keep up so you don't get left
2 End your slow sales periods by planning ahead.
Plan to add extra bonuses, hold a sale or package
your product with other products. For example,
you could say, "Buy one, get one free!" Another
example would be, "Buy over $20 worth of
products and get 5 free bonuses!”
3 Make more commissions from the affiliate
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