Kidnapped My Heart HTML version

Finally, I went outside feeling it was safe and realized it was dark, mistake number two. I
made it halfway to my bug when he approached me. I gave him a worried glance and
kept walking. No one else was in the parking lot and I was terrified. That was mistake
number three.
He ran in front of me and blocked any chance of escape. He then proceeded to jerk me up
by my shirt and pin me to my bug. I had no idea what his plans were, but I knew I had no
chance in fighting him, so I decided to let him do what was on his dirty agenda and
maybe just maybe he wouldn't kill me. I should have screamed.
I waited for him to tear at my clothes, but all he did was rip the neck of my turtle neck.
He dipped his head down and pressed his lips to my neck. ‘What a sick-o’ I thought, but
he didn't kiss my neck. He searched up and down in until he found the spot he was
looking for and opened his mouth. He bit me and then it hit me.
He. Was. A. Vampire. And there was a good chance that. I. Would. Not. Survive.
It didn't feel like I thought it would. It didn't hurt; it wasn't really the greatest feeling ever
either. Just numb. He latched on and began draining me of my precious blood. I just felt
numb, my eyes rolled up into my head, and I sagged against him. He put one hand on the
back of my neck to hold me head up and steadied the rest of my body with the other
I heard a ding from far away and a voice that seemed even further away. I heard the voice
shout "Hey mate, what are you doing?"
His head jerked slightly in the voice’s direction, that motion ripping my skin. That stung.
My neck felt warm and gooey as my blood seeped down my neck. "Leave her alone,
mate!" The voice threatened, getting closer. The voice was running towards me. I heard
the owner’s feet slapping against the pavement.
He dropped me and ran. I collapsed to the ground. My head bounced off the cool
pavement slightly causing my teeth to rattle and I shut my eyes tightly.
"Hey, Kourtney! Kourtney, are you okay?" the voice got closer and I recognized it, “Oh,
my God, Kourtney, what did he do to you?"
It was Stephen, my very Australian, friend. I slurred, "I'll be okay just a little scratch. He
pulled a knife on me. That's all."
He pulled me into his lap and pressed a torn piece of his shirt to my neck. "That is a big
deal, Kourtney. That bloke could have killed you!"
"But he didn't," I said. I knew I couldn't tell Stephen he was a vampire because, well, he
wouldn't believe me. No one would. Well, maybe my grandmother would but that