Kidnapped My Heart HTML version

"Hi, mind if I sit here?" He asked surprisingly polite.
"Do I have a choice?"
He laughed a dry almost humorless laugh, "No, you don't."
"Okay then." I eyed him suspiciously and finished eating.
He seemed really occupied with his phone until I stood up, my chair scraped across the
floor hurting my, beyond, sensitive ears and his too apparently. He jumped up.
"Where are you going?" He asked sounding worried.
"Well, strange boy, as fun as this has been, I'm done eating and I am going home," I said
picking up my tray.
"My name is Tyler. What is your name?"
"Listen, Tyler, did one of your buddies dare you, or did they make a bet that you had to
talk to the prettiest girl in the food court?" I asked impatiently.
"Something like that," he said with a slight trace of a smirk, “I believe you did not answer
my question."
"Kourtney," I said, walking away. I disposed of my tray and headed for the exit into the
main parking lot.
When I was pulling out, I noticed Tyler leaned against a car, I'm assuming was his,
watching me. He creeped me out, his bottomless blue eyes seemed to pierce right through
me. I shuddered and turned onto the main road.
I stopped by Kroger to rent a movie that I would most likely watch alone. I stood waiting
in the never ending line for the RedBox. Eventually, I got up to the machine and scrolled
through the small selection twice before finding a suitable movie. I selected it then
swiped my credit card. The machine was unusually slow at spitting out my movie and I
began searching the parking lot, out of bored curiosity, mistake number one.
I saw those familiar pair of blue eyes were trained on me. I began to wonder if he was
stalking me. A bone chilling shiver rolled down my spine and I quickly turned to face the
machine. It spit my movie out finally and I snatched it out of the dispensing tray. I
thought maybe if I went into Kroger long enough he would get the message and leave me
Once inside, I went to the one isle I knew he wouldn't dare follow me into. No guy in
their right mind would, the feminine isle. I pretended to browse there for a while and
moved to the dog food isle, somewhere else I thought unlikely.