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Kidnapped My Heart
Chapter One
My name is Kourtney Lynn Akers. I'm sixteen and I have one younger sister. I live with
my mother, who got remarried when I was fifteen. My father remarried when I was eight.
I haven't talked to him since. I'm in the eleventh grade and I don't have a boyfriend. I am
very athletic and I am on the track team. I'm the fastest runner on the team. I make pretty
close to straight A's and I'd consider myself popular. I have a pretty large circle of
friends. I was homecoming queen this year and helped with the float, I was on in the
parade. My best friend is Charlette Amber Daniels. We've been friends since the seventh
grade. She's like a sister to me. She was the one who talked me into taking creative
writing class, so you all can thank her for that. She even helped me write this. She's a
much better writer than me.
And so read my first assignment for my creative writing class. The assignment was to tell
all about ourselves in a single paragraph. I have a slight problem writing about myself.
I’m not good at crawling into my own brain and pulling out my history, my likes, my
hobbies, and so on, but I managed a little something because the paper was due today and
I had to read it in front of the class
"Kourtney," Miss Evans called.
I walked up to the front of the room, masked my nervous edge with a wonderful façade of
confidence, and plowed through the fairly short paragraph with ease. “Very good, Ms.
Akers" Miss Evans said. I nodded and handed her my paper.
This was my last class of the day and I was lucky enough to be the last person to present.
There were about five minutes left until the final bell, so being the cool teacher she is,
Miss Evans let us talk for the remainder of the period.
When the bell rang I was the first one out of my seat, I was the second out the door and
the first to my section of lockers. I put up my notebook, which was all that was required
for the class, that and a pencil, and got my bag. I checked my hair and makeup in my
locker mirror before heading out to my paint splattered, bug.
I decided on taking a trip to the mall, my mother wouldn't mind, she had to work late
anyway. I shopped around for a few hours before heading to the food court. It wasn't as
crowded as normal, but when I got my food I snagged a table towards the back anyway.
I was just about finished with my meal, when a pale, blue eyed, boy sat down at my table,
across from me. "Hello, there," I said studying him. He had long black hair that sort of
hung in his eyes and his body type was long and lean. He had a small scar on his left
cheek. He looked like a pretty average guy. No one I would ever look twice at.