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General information

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The KickStart Tutorial XML is free. If somebody asked you money for it, you've been swindled!


You're allowed to distribute this ebook as long as you leave the orginal pdf-file intact and you don't charge anything for it.


Happy XML-ing

Jan Kampherbeek Webmaster of SpiderPro

This tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn what XML is about.


You'll understand the basic XML syntax. An you will know what's needed to make XML usable.

You won't be an XML expert after following this kickstart tutorial. But you'll understand the basics of XML. And you'll be able to understand XML Documents and most of XML DTD's.


General information 2
This Tutorial 3
Index 4
Why do we needXML ? 5
What is XML ? 6
The general structure of XML 7
XML Tags 8
Elements and sub elements 9
XML documents 10
XML attributes 12
Well formed XML documents 13
Valid XML documents 14
XML: The DTD 15
Presenting XML documents 18
About SpiderPro 19
Disclaimer 19