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Kicking Ass and Taking Names in Talent Management

To those of us in the Human Resources field, ‘Talent Management’ has become one of the most frequently used buzzwords.  Unfortunately buzzwords like ‘low hanging fruit’ or ‘alignment’, which should have never shifted over into the HR arena in the first place, have soured opinions on industry phrases.  I mean when did alignment stop referring to something that needed to be done to your car?

Talent Management on the other hand is one of those phrases with staying power, as it has proven itself relevant and necessary.

Talent Management basically outlines what it takes to at tract highly skilled individuals, while also developing and retaining your existing workforce to meet current and future business needs.

Talent Management is a broad and complex field, but there are some parts of it that apply to every organization, no matter your size, industry or location.  What we’re going to do in this e-book is talk about some of the maxims of Talent Management and how you can get them working for you.  We’ll take about the theory of talent management and then go into detail of how to set it up in your organization and use software tools to make the job easier.

This e-book will take you through the process of building a Talent Management strategy and picking and using a software tool to help you. The materials here are based on my ten-plus years in the talent management industry and the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

I’ve worked with all sorts of organizations on their Talent Management strategies and software tools.  That includes healthcare companies and government agencies in the US, consulting and insurance firms in the UK, retailers in Australia, and industrial companies in China.  And I’ve learned a lot along the way: what to do and what not to do, and how to make this process smooth and efficient.

It’s always tough to roll out a new process or change the way your company thinks about it’s “most important asset” (i.e. the workers) – but it’s a really rewarding thing to do. This is how HR earns its place at the executive table and becomes a real partner to the business.

When you actively manage talent, you’re managing the lifeblood of the organization.

I’ve learned a lot about Talent Management through countless discussion with interesting and committed HR professionals, and I really want to hear from you.  Please write to me (Twitter: @afraymond ) with any comments, questions or things you’d like to share as you read. 

After finishing this e-book, I really hope you’ll be a  full-fledged Talent Management expert!