Khalifa 122-mm Truck-Mounted Howitzer | HTML version

The Khalifa is based on Russian
KamAZ-43118 military truck with
redesigned chassis and cab. This truck is
produced both for civil and military
operators. Vehicle is powered by a
turbocharged diesel, developing 260 hp.
Engine is coupled with a manual gearbox.
Vehicle has an all-wheel drive
configuration and can go over all kinds of
terrain. The Khalifa can be airlifted by
most medium cargo aircraft.
It is a simple and mobile artillery system designed
for rapid intervention and response. This artillery
system is armed with a refurbished D-30 towed
howitzer. This Soviet howitzer was produced in large
numbers, widely exported, and many countries have
plenty of 122-mm ammunition in stock. This are the
reasons why 122-mm caliber truck-mounted
howitzers can be more preferable over Russian 152-
mm or NATO 155-mm calibers. Other recent 122-mm
truck mounted howitzers are the Chinese PCL-09,
SH2, Kazakh Semser, Serbian SORA, SOKO SP RR
122 and some other.
Entered service
5 men
Dimensions and weight
20.5 t
9 m
2.67 m
3.49 m
Main gun
Barrel length
38 calibers
Machine guns
The Khalifa is intended for general fire support. A
turntable with a howitzer is mounted at the rear. A
large spade and hydraulic jacks are lowered to the
ground prior to firing. These provide a more stable
firing platform. Maximum range of fire is 17 km. This
howitzer is also capable of direct firing. Maximum rate
of fire of 8 rounds per minute. Vehicle carries 45
rounds of onboard ammunition. It also carries spare
parts for the howitzer and tools.
Projectile weight
14 - 22 kg
Maximum firing range
17 km
Maximum rate of fire
8 rpm
Elevation range
- 5 to + 70 degrees
Traverse range
80 degrees
Ammunition load
Main gun
45 rounds
Machine guns
Engine power
260 hp
Truck-mounted howitzers are more mobile and are
capable of rapid response. The Khalifa has brief
reaction and redeployment time. It can fire it's first
round from travelling within 1.5 minutes. It takes
about the same time to leave firing position. So
Khalifa can fire a couple of rounds and leave firing
position before enemy detects it' position and opens
counter-battery fire. Vehicle has an automatic fire
control system.
Maximum road speed
90 km/h
450 km
Side slope
Vertical step
0.55 m
0.6 m
~ 1.2 m
More information:
122-mm Truck-Mounted Howitzer
This artillery system has a crew of five.
All crewmembers are seated in a newly-
developed armored cab. It provides
protection against small arms fire and
artillery shell splinters.
The Khalifa GHY02 is a new artillery system,
recently developed in Sudan by a state-run Military
Industry Corporation. It is a combination of Soviet D-
30 towed howitzer, mounted on a Russian KamAZ
6x6 military truck. This artillery system was first
revealed in 2013.