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Forward by Glenda Buckly
Introduction 5
The Out Break 8
A Walk With Jesus 12
Judge And Be Judged 18
Why Are The Churches Dying 26
Know Your Enemies 34
To Be Honest 40 When Your Heart Lies 53
Use Words To Promote Rather Than Discourage 67
Understanding Each Season 77
Where Has Our Passion Gone 84

Forwarded By. TCH. Glenda Buckley

A key to Everyday Life, written by Douglas Stutts, contains amazingly useful and sensible advice to help people find spiritual happiness and peace with God, with other people, and with themselves. It seems remarkable that Douglas, even before his present age of only twenty-one, has
demonstrated such exceptional insight into what the Christian faith is really about. Throughout the book, Douglas makes reference to Bible passages that support his ideas and words of advice. It is apparent that by being an exceptionally diligent listener and a keen observer, Douglas has learned a great deal about life. Douglas frequently cites many of his own
experiences, and how he regards them as integral factors on his road to carry out God’s ministry. He urges his readers to love and trust God with all their hearts, to stay faithful, to persevere through adversities, and to seek, then remain focused on God’s plan for their lives. In addition, he advises people to be willing to answer His call, and to be honest with themselves and with God. The importance of maintaining positive attitudes, appreciating and taking advantage of positive influences, as well as making the best of negative events in one’s life are also discussed in the book. I find it very
interesting and appropriate the way Douglas describes people’s lives as consisting of four seasons, all of which play significant roles in their lives. With this in mind, he again reminds his readers to keep their focus on God and depend on Him as they deal with the ups and downs that come and go with those seasons. As I was reading Keys to Everyday Living, I enjoyed the way that Douglas shared many of his personal experiences and how they have been relevant to him in his walk with God. I also found his suggestions for making life happier and more meaningful from the Christian standpoint extremely worthwhile. The excellent guidelines Douglas offers for improving now speaks about in his book. He listened carefully to instructions, was dependable, and was willing to work hard at doing his best. In addition, I remember his being respectful, polite, and kind toward others. I must also add that it was my privilege to get to know Douglas’ immediate family, and each time I met with or spoke with his parents, it became obvious to me that Douglas had a close and loving family who embraced Christian values.

I have been really working on a lot of stuff, it seems that God is moving in a


way that I have never really felt or seen. Recently I attended a service and


was given a word from the minister. Most times I don't really take what just


Any "Minister" says to heart at all, but it didn't really sink in till after service


On the way back to the house, it came to me that two years earlier this same


Word was given to me by a total different "Minister". This is a book full of


Information about life and how to find who you are and defeat your enemy,

Let this book go in and stick to you. I pray every word is read with an open heart and mind to the things of God.

Chapter 1.

- Be not ye therefore like unto them: for your Father know what things ye have need of, before ye ask him.