Ken Saunders Retiree (The Older I Get The Faster I Am) HTML version

The following was written and recited By Bob Grant at
Ken’s retirement function at the NSW Cricketers Club
Ode to Ken Saunders
He’d run the streets of Campbelltown delivering milk with a grin,
But the run became too big and so he chucked it in,
to the city of sin he came with its bustle and its din,
and he applied for a job with dear old Alan Quinn
“Can you run a mailroom son?” asked the mighty Quinn
“Can I run a mailroom? Just you let me in”
As the staff assembled on that fateful day,
a tall man entered and said “Get out of my way”
Yes he became a legend, The mailroom runs just right
and he goes Marathon training nearly every night.
A trophy hunter he who works the fun run circuit
With strained face he ups the pace giving other vets a workout
A puffing billy looking silly proud grandfather he
Whom we’ll all miss but let’s reminisce on Ken Saunders retiree