Keeper from the Koffins HTML version

My name is Lieutenant Longfellow. I am a Marine in the United States Marines. Every time I
close my eyes. I see myself in a dark room surrounded by black shadows. A wall of Men that
dripped in a graphite layer of burnt fiery ash. I have no idea where I am. I know I am faced with
the knowledge that I must be up against a Monster.
In my recurring dream, I see a this same wall of men in Military Uniform hidden in a cloud of
exhaust smoke that moves. Numerous ghosts with round silvery eyes glow back from that visible
cloud. A wall of Men in silhouette form move toward me in a blanket of ghostly ghastly faces. I
do know one thing. Whoever reads this, I raised my head for a look. I could not find the words or
syllables to speak. I hope by the time, I read this that I do!
I remember it started around October Fourth 1993 or early 1994, sometime. I remember I
stared back into the wall. I fell into a slight trance, afterward. I remember something inside
stared back with eyes that glow. I could be a jungle that I faced or stood in the middle of. I will
not be sure until I step foot in it. I felt like something in the Desert watched! Now, that I think
about it. I remember I heard something whisper my name? I remember l heard something ghostly
say it out loud. Can it be that the dark played tricks on me? Or something that lived in the dark
waited for me or my Men. A Strange Force Driven by the Heavens or Gods. Forced me and my
Men into a Living Hell. In this recurring dream, I will know how it ends. O ne Day after I reach
this Land that God, Man and Time Forgot. I Pray I have enough Men to Fight this beast. I Wake
I heard it again that same night in a cool breeze. It traveled through the jungle or the Deserts. It
says my name Lieutenant Longfellow. At first it appeared to be a soft whisper. It made me want
to stop to listen. Maybe the Devil does know my name! I closed my eyes for a split second. I
remember I needed God for Guidance. Not just for me. For my Team! Krypt Kreepers!
I remember another night that I dreamt. I was in the middle of Africa. There isn't anything
here except what remained of a Team of Soldiers. A horde of meat eating carnivores. Besides an
army of starved zombies that hid in the jungle.
Later on that night something whispers in the dark to me! I open my eyes, I look back. I
remember I searched for a face to go with that voice. I know why I looked at it as a warning? I
think it could be a monster. I believe an unexplainable, unnatural, unknown force that lived in
Darkness? Maybe it could Heaven! It could be Hell? Or the Dark Beast Rules over everything
Beneath The Heavens.