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Karuji Logic Puzzles

Karuji Logic Puzzles

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Published: 5 years ago

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Karuji puzzles are an exciting and addictive new format of pure logic puzzles. Described as a cross between Sudoku and crossword puzzles, they require no math or language skills, just reasoning and logical deduction. This book offers a variety of puzzle difficulties to challenge and entertain every skill level. Discover the fascination of Karuji as you seek the unique solutions to these puzzles.


@ Michal A Sievers: The pdf and txt formats are free. The other two formats require a membership in the vip area. I get my free books each month, and have no problems.

Pat McIntosh

These puzzles are very good mind exercise!

michael a sievers

joined under the understanding this was free e b00ks as your name implies but each book i select i am informed it requires vip membership. dislike


very interesting, stimulating the mind

Ravindra Pradhan

Very interesting and challenging puzzles.


Robert Scully Wood

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