Karma's a Bitch: A Short Story HTML version

pinched the surrounding skin. He was starting to get jowls. He really needed to lose some weight. He
used to be in such good shape, but he put on an extra twenty pounds over the last fifteen years, mostly
around his midsection. He closed the cabinet door in disgust and sat back down at his desk . His
secretary's voice came over the intercom. "The Sanders are here to see you Mr. Sheppard."
"Thanks Sarah, I'll come get them." Sarah wasn't actually his secretary. He shared her with four
other associates. How the mighty have fallen. Bob walked down the hallway where Tyler and Barbara
Sanders were waiting. "Good to see you two again," said Bob. They exchanged some pleasantries and
then the Sanders followed Bob to his office. The Sanders sat down and Bob began his sales pitch. "Well, I
reviewed the information you gave me during our last visit and I have created the perfect life insurance
policy for you. Remember, here at Rawlings Insurance we are independent brokers, so we aren't
married to just one insurance company. We find the company that best fits our client's needs." The
Sanders smiled at him. "Let's make sure I have my facts straight. Tyler, you're current salary is $120,000
a year." Tyler nodded. "And Barbara, you're a stay at home mom with three kids between the ages of
one and ten." Barbara nodded. "You definitely have the harder job Barbara." They all chuckled. "We
need more moms like you, Barbara; smart women who are dedicated to ensuring that children are
nurtured by someone who loves them at all times."
Barbara was just delighted to hear this. "Oh my God, Tyler and I were just talking about that.
Women today are so selfish. Nowadays women just drop their kids off at some daycare and let them
raise them. That's why we have so many problems in our society."
"You know Barbara, you're exactly right. That's why I insisted on my wife staying home to raise
our four kids," said Bob.
"I knew there was something I liked about you Mr. Sheppard. You obviously have good values."
"Thanks Barbara, now getting back to business. Your mortgage is $400,000 and you have two car
loans that total $60,000. Is there anything else?"
"Unfortunately, that sums it up Bob. I always thought that if I made over a hundred grand a
year, I'd be rich, but I feel so poor," said Tyler.
"I hear you. It's not cheap to live here, but you're doing well for thirty-five. Now, according to
my notes, you have $200,000 in life insurance through your company . Is that correct?" The Sanders
nodded yes. "Well, according to my analysis, you should have around $2 million in life insurance."
Tyler eyes widened in surprise and his irritation was obvious. "What, that sounds really
Barbara gently touched Tyler's arm. "Let's hear what Mr. Sheppard has to say, honey."
"I know it sounds like a lot Tyler. Believe me, most people are surprised to realize how
underinsured they are. You certainly don't want Barbara to be saddled with all of this debt, do you?"
"Well, um, of course not," answered Tyler defensively.
"Okay, so right off the bat, she's going to have to pay off the mortgage and car loans. That's
$460,000 right there. So let's say you were insured for $2 million, now poor Barbara is down to $1.5
million." Barbara was shaking her head in agreement. "Your youngest son is only one. God forbid, but if
you died tomorrow, poor Barbara is going to have to make $1.5 million last at least another seventeen
years. That's less than $90,000 a year. Unfortunately, interest rates aren't even keeping up with inflation
anymore, so that $90,000 a year is only going to be worth $50,000 a year by then."
Barbara’s eyebrows raised in concern."Wow, I never thought of that."
"And then there's college. You do want your kids to go to college, don't you Tyler?"
His wife looked at him. "Well, of course I do," Tyler answered shifting uncomfortably in his chair.
"So, now you see that $2 million is really the minimum you need to take care of your family."
"Honey, Mr. Sheppard is right. We need at least $2 million," Barbara said.
"Well, let us think about it Bob," Tyler said.