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The Taifun (typhoon) mine resistant ambush
protected vehicle was designed by KamAZ. It's
development commenced in 2009. The Taifun is an
experimental armored vehicle. It's primary role is to
carry troops and cargo under armor. Externally it
resembles German Rheinmetall Wisent, however it
carries more armor. The Taifun is being proposed for
the Russian Army, as well as for possible export
Mine resistant ambush protected
The Taifun is powered by a YaMZ-5367
turbocharged diesel engine, developing
450 hp. Engine is located behind the cab
and is mated with automatic transmission.
It seems that front and end of the vehicle
are swapped comparing with 6x6 cargo
trucks. However such wheel layout allows
to distribute weight of the engine and
armored cab evenly. The Taifun has a full-
time all-wheel drive. Vehicle has a
hydropneumatic suspension with
adjustable ground clearance. The Taifun
is fitted with a central tyre inflation system
and run-flat tyres.
Currently there are two prototype of the KamAZ
Taifun. One of them has modular design. Various
interchangeable mission modules can be fitted. It can
be customized as reconnaissance vehicle, command
vehicle, fire support vehicle, ambulance, engineer
reconnaissance vehicle, NBC reconnaissance vehicle
and escort vehicle. Mission modules are
interchangeable with the Ural Triumf, which was
developed alongside the KamAZ Taifun. Both
vehicles have 6x6 configuration.
Entered service
2 men
up to 16 men
Dimensions and weight
21 t
8.99 m
This MRAP has steel armor construction with add-
on composite armor. It is claimed that armor of the
cab and mission module provides all-round protection
against 14.5-mm armor-piercing rounds. Vehicle was
also designed to withstand mine blasts. Vehicle is
claimed to withstand equivalent of 8 TNT blast under
any wheel or anywhere under the hull. This MRAP is
fitted with NBC protection system.
2.55 m
3.12 m
Machine guns
YaMZ-5367 diesel
Engine power
450 hp
Maximum road speed
~ 90 km/h
~ 600 km
Vehicle can be fitted with remotely controlled
weapon station for self-defense.
Side slope
Vertical step
~ 0.6 m
~ 0.6 m
The KamAZ Taifun can carry up to 16 troops inside
the mission module in the infantry carrier
configuration. Troops enter and leave the vehicle via
rear doors or roof hatches. The cab accommodates
driver and one passenger.
~ 1.2 m
More information: https://www.military-today.com/apc/kamaz_taifun.htm
KamAZ Taifun
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KamAZ also proposes 4x4 and 8x8
versions of the Taifun. However later it
was reported that a 4x4 model will never
be produced due to excessive weight in
order to provide required level of