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suggestions and come up with their own creative solutions…..Just a Bunch of Crazy Ideas is fun
and informative. The author presents a broad spectrum of topics that will challenge readers and
possibly spark a streak of innovation among them.” -Melissa Brown Levine, Independent
Professional Book Reviewers
Some of my fondest memories of university were those informal gab sessions in the common
room. You’d walk into the room and two or three guys would be adamantly discussing how to
solve world hunger or which Star Trek captain would win in a fistfight. Before long, others had
joined the conversation. Everyone was welcome.
Just a Bunch of Crazy Ideas reminds me of those times. We were all so filled with ideas, most of
which had very little to do with what we were studying. Afterwards, paying our bills and living
our lives took precedent and no one ever made good on any of those crazy ideas.
As with all those gab sessions in the university common room, Just a Bunch of Crazy Ideas
presents some good ideas and some not so good ideas. Take them as you will. Laugh at them or
be inspired by them. Please, please find a better way to deal with cat litter odor but don’t you
dare change my hockey game”. –Tami Brady, TCM Reviews
“… In fact, every reader will find this book extremely interesting and will, perhaps, spark other
imaginations out there to sit down and create!” - Amy Lignor, Feathered Quill Reviews
“ The act of brainstorming can result in new ideas and surprising results. The author ends each
chapter with the words, "Discuss and enjoy!" That is exactly what the reader of this "bunch of
crazy ideas" will do.” – Libby Grandy, US Review of Books
“… Ponnapalli’s thinking shows both the strength of inspired dilettantism and the need for
expert analysis to rein it in. Still, there are some nifty ideas here, and even the questionable ones
will provoke reflection. A stimulating grab bag of outside-the-box—sometimes out-of-left-
field—brainstorms”.- Perry Crowe, Kirkus Indie Reviews
"Ponnapalli's crazy (impulsive, but fun and thought provoking) ideas cover some timely and
popular topics; U.S debt and defecit, overweight, stock market, space exploration, alternative
energies, cat litter and more. The book is easy to read."- Recommended & Reviewed in The
Mindquest Review of Books, by Lightword Publishing
“There has never been a more accurately or honestly titled book than that of Just a Bunch of
Crazy Ideas… As a handbook of solutions to major and minor problems, it falters a bit, but as a
conversation sparker, Just a Bunch of Crazy Ideas is a success.” San Fransisco Book Review –
September 15, 2011
“Sometimes you throw things at the wall and see what sticks. "Just a Bunch of Crazy Ideas" is a
collection titular crazy ideas from Pardu S. Ponnapalli as he offers his random thoughts about
the world as he sits on his Ph.D in Physics that's currently getting him nowhere. With a decent
dose of logic and humor, "Just a Bunch of Crazy Ideas" is a thoughtful collection of life and
everything else, highly recommended.” Willis M. Buhle, MidWest Book Review