Just Hit The Damn Ball!: How To Stop Thinking and Play Your Best Golf HTML version

This manuscript is Part One in the trilogy that reveals practical mental tools
that are often overlooked in traditional instruction.
Volume Two: The Gorilla Is Loose: Your Innate Swing Unleashed!
Volume Three: Playing Out Of Your Mind: Moving Beyond Swing Mechanics
“As an avid, but deeply struggling golfer, I was always looking for anything that could improve
my game. This book was not only concise, but I genuinely felt understood. After reading it, I feel
more confident than ever that my swing will not only improve, but I will finally enjoy the game
again. By breaking down the mental stress associated with a bad shot, Dave creates an
environment where golfers can naturally excel.”
R. Wood (14 Handicap) Newmarket, ON.
"As we try and strive for golf improvement, Dave’s simple, effective and humorous ideas teach
that conventional wisdom (ie. based strictly on mechanics) is often ineffective and that there are
other ways to playing better golf than spending hours on the driving range hoping to discover
“the secret." Read this book. You will not only thoroughly enjoy it. It will do wonders for your
Jonathan Levitt (12 handicap) President, Levitt Insurance Brokers, Toronto, ON.
“What makes Dave Johnston’s golf instruction great, is his remarkable ability to focus on the
handful of things that make all the difference, and to communicate them in an easily understood
manner. Just like Dave, this book is focused, easily understood, humorous and (most of all)
very, very helpful in improving your game – no matter what level you play. This will be the year I
finally break that elusive 90 barrier, thanks to the principles outlined in “Just Hit The Damn Ball!”
G. Hardman (16 handicap) London, ON
To my father who could never quite figure out,
if golf was a microcosm of life or life itself.