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Jumpstart to Software Quality Assurance
Smashwords Edition
Copyright 2013 VishnuVarthanan Moorthy
Software Industry has grown a lot in the last few decades, and there are many players are there in
the market. Most of the software is made in an unknown country and by unknown people.
Though cost and people competency are the major influencing factor for determining, who will
produce the software or provide the service, in reality almost all the contracts are made by
looking at delivery methodologies, process maturity and demonstration of technical capabilities.
Most of the contracts are not awarded for people skill, considering no one knows which person is
working in the service provider organization. The contracts are awarded based on Processes, past
performance and technical understanding, which the service providers demonstrate along with
good costing. It?s because the only way a client can believe the unknown you is, by knowing
your way of working and your processes. You would agree, most of your clients are not your
neighbor, friend or relative, so that they can blindly give the work order to you! Neither all our
companies are doing Research projects, so that based on people competency we are awarded
Who develops these processes, who maintains the m and how come these processes have become
matured, and how you are able to demonstrate your processes and delivery methodologies are in
par or better than your competitors, who are those people, who makes your prestigious client to
believe you… There are many, like Operational teams, center of excellences, heroic sales team
and vital management team, and beyond this, we all would agree it?s the Software Quality
Assurance team which plays key role in ensuring process implementation, stability and
capability. This book is written for those who are aspiring to take up a role in Software Q uality
Assurance or those who wants to set up a function and get the benefit out of it or for those who
wants to understand, how practically the Software Quality Assurance function works. Today,
Software Quality Analyst (SQA) role is a key component in any successful service provider?s
delivery system.
To perform as SQA, it?s expected the person develops all around competency required for that
role in the initial years. As they get experienced they can concentrate on specialized areas to
improve their competency and contribute to the organizations. Many a times, we see the new
SQA?s struggle to get a complete a view of their roles and knowledge areas in Software Quality
Assurance. Lack of complete understanding on software quality assurance affects their
productivity and career path. This book is intended to provide those details, which are essential
for Jumpstart to Software Q uality Assurance. A SQA can gain experience by working with
projects, but may not learn the basics, responsibilities and techniques/methods required to
perform in his/her role! This book provides you the theoretical and pragmatic view on Software
Quality Assurance!