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To setup for our sessions we place on a table, all of our (working) crystal skulls, facing forward, so that they are sitting directly in front of our client. We lay the skulls upon a special cloth such as animal fur. The other tool we utilize for our session is a portable CD player with headphones. All of our sessions begin with a meditation with music, while the client holds the skull of their choice in their lap.

Essentially our consultations serve three purposes: First our client has a chance to experience the type of energies which are linked to a crystal skull. In some cases, this energy can act as a catalyst that triggers a personal transformation for them. This is the reason we ask each person to select which crystal skull they feel the greatest affinity to work with as each of our skulls offers their own unique and individualized service.

Second, our clients can receive a personal healing or just receive the appropriate (universal) energies that are necessary for them at that time. In general these healing energies are given during their meditation with the music. And lastly, our clients have an opportunity to ask questions about their personal life or at times we may receive some specific information or messages that are channeled that we are to share with them. Mostly, the type of information we receive deals with the potential creative or spiritual gifts the individual has or what is their life’s purpose.

As to the type of healing the client can expect to receive during their session, this can range from some assistance for various physical and emotional problems or a type of mental block; or it can be connected with a karmic (past-life) situation. For some of our clients, they require a certain period of time after their session for the healing energy to be completely integrated into their body (vibrationally). We recommend for our clients that they bring with them a personal crystal. This allows their crystal to record and absorb the healing energies present during their session or whatever energy is being emitted by any or all of our crystal skulls. In this way, a client can continue to work with these energies and the information given during their session in the comfort of their own home by having physical contact with this crystal.

Katrina and Joshua believe that the presence of the crystal skulls during their (joint or independently done) sessions greatly assists them in creating a peaceful and protected environment in the consultation room. Furthermore, they feel the crystal skulls makes them clearer channels so they can bring forth the most appropriate level of healing energies and information that will benefit each client. Additionally, they have observed on numerous occasions how their crystal skulls are able to help shift and balance a person’s energy in the precise manner that they require. They have noticed during some of the sessions, unusual phenomena which happen to and around their skulls.

For example, “Portal de Luz” or “Anton” have a tendency to change “their” internal color (becoming lighter or darker) or it is noticed that when they are held after the session has finished, their weight has changed too.



Interview with

Bill Homann

© Bill Homann

(Photo of Mr. Homann taken in Sedona, Arizona, February 2008)

Who is Bill Homann?

(The New Guardian of the “Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull of Love”)

( Note: this is an excerpt of a recent interview we conducted with Mr. Bill Homann from Indiana.

who became the new caretaker of the newly named “Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull of Love” in April of 2007 due to the untimely passing of Miss Anna Mitchell-Hedges. The full interview will be contained in our new printed edition of Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers – see contact list on page 60 for the official Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull of Love website.) Q: Mr. Homann, can you tell us a bit about your life and background?

Spirituality and God have always been the center of my life as far back as I can remember. I went to a Christian school and religion was my favorite subject. After graduation I continued my studies in world religions and various spiritual pathways, always being open to the experience of a more holistic way of living and thinking.

In the 70’s and early 80’s I studied Eckenkar and that was where I learned to go within for the ultimate truth. Since then I have worked with the Rosicrucian teachings which have influenced me until this day.


Q: When did you first hear about the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull?

Bill: The first time I heard about the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull was when I was in the air force while stationed at Panama in 1968. I remember seeing a picture of it in an article I was reading and I thought it was strange that I couldn’t take my eyes from it.

While in Panama I ended up staying at a base near the canal. The pictures of F.A.

Mitchell-Hedges that were on the wall intrigued me along with the corresponding stories.

One story is that F.A. was called to the canal to free it from a giant squid that had stopped all of the traffic. He had to harpoon it, carve it up in smaller pieces and tug the pieces out to sea.

While I was on the lovely island of Toboga off of the coast of Panama I stayed at a wonderful hotel on the beach. The owner told me stories of Mitchell-Hedges and his daughter Anna. They stayed at this hotel while sailing into the bay fishing for great sharks. These and other stories remained with me through the years.

Many years later I heard about Anna Mitchell-Hedges (Sammy) and the Crystal Skull from friends in Chicago. I called Anna and set up an appointment to meet with her and the skull in 1981.

Meeting Anna for the first time left me feeling like I have known her forever and we became instant friends. That feeling only grew stronger as we spent more and more time together and we both came to realize that our bond was karmic.

When I saw the Crystal Skull for the first time it felt like meeting with an old friend. There was a feeling of respect, connection and communication with it. I almost felt compelled to work with it.

Q: Can you expand a bit more about this special feeling or connection you had with the crystal skull when you first saw it. Did something special happen to you during this time or was it just a strong feeling you had that you really know the skull?

Bill: There was quite a bit that happened to me. If I think back to that time, it was like a major happening. That’s why I didn’t say more in my previous answer because I couldn’t remember exactly what happened to me then – oh, (but I do recall) there were dreams that took place (afterwards that occurred) during the Mayan times – and Sammy (Anna Mitchell-Hedges) was there and the crystal skull was there. I witnessed a big ceremony with the crystal skull. And this wasn’t just a passing dream; it was a powerful one as if I was right in it. Beside the dreams, well, I would have to really put my mind to it and unravel it and this is why I gave a simple answer before, because I didn’t want to go deep into my mind and try to remember it all. But it was a major happening. It was a life changing event. At that time, I was going in one way in my life and all of a sudden when this happened, it changed my whole curse and life direction. And I knew that this was my purpose and destiny (to be involved with the crystal skull) – it was like an awakening.



Q: And now Mr. Homann, you are the Guardian of this Crystal Skull, what does this mean for you?

In the last eight years of Anna’s life I

had the privilege of having her live

with me so that I could watch over

her and take care of her. Because of

our strong bond she has honored

me by trusting that I will carry on her

wishes concerning the future of the


I believe the main message that the

skull is trying to share with the world

is for all of us to drop our egos and

to work and support each other as if

we are all one. That all living beings

contribute to the whole and all are

sacred. We are not separate from

A photo of the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull of

each other; we are all connected

Love taken after the research we conducted in

through love. Rather than live in our

Indiana on behalf of the Scifi Show (aired May 28th,

own single minded consciousness

2008) entitled: Mystery of the Crystal Skulls.

we need to embrace unity

(Permission granted by Bill Homann, caretaker)


Some of you may even wonder why I am now the keeper of this skull. I believe because of my past ties the skull is where it wants to be. It is multidimensional and would be gone if it didn’t want to be here in this reality.

I also feel that the crystal skulls are here to help man connect to a higher consciousness. That they work by connecting with the heart of man by breaking down the barriers that keep people from feeling oneness with each other. This is where the great healing takes place and this is why we are now calling this “The Skull of Love”.

To Contact Bil Homann, visit the Mitchel -Hedges Website at:



World Mystery

Research Center

In our world today exists many mysteries ...

some of which remain unsolved and others

which can not be explained by any kind of our

modern day scientific theories. It is the goal of

our center to utilize all known methods of

research, both scientific and paranormal, to try

and uncover the truth and the hidden messages or information which lay encoded within each of these mysteries. More importantly however, we believe that this hidden knowledge will ultimately provide vital information for the future evolution of humanity.

The World Mystery Research Center is involved in a number of key areas of research that include: Crystal Skulls, UFOs, The Bible Code, World Prophecies, Crop Circles, Indigenous Wisdom and Spiritual Healing. The World Mystery Research Center was founded as a 501c3 non-profit corporation in January 2001 in the United States based in the state of Illinois. The Center was started through the efforts of R. "Joshua"

Shapiro, a spiritual author, investigator and speaker and is presently working to form alliances and associations with other like-minded individuals and organizations throughout the world. We hope to open up other branches in other countries in the near future. To learn more about our projects, you can visit our international website listed below or please contact us if you would like to review the research data that we have collected so far. We are happy to share information and respond via email.

We are now actively seeking public support and donations to help us with our various

projects. For those interested to be a contributor within the U.S., you can use your donation as a tax write-off (only 25% percent is allowed) or for other countries please check your own laws. The monetary support we are seeking is to help build our research center (staff and materials) and to provide funding for the continuation of our research projects (expenses and equipment). To make your donation, please contact us via email and we will provide the instructions to receive your gracious help.

World Mystery Research Center

c/o: Joshua Shapiro

Bloomington, IL USA

Phone: +1 (312) 473 2790



Skype: joshaushapiro17



Katrina’s Contact with the Orbs

and the link with the Crystal Skulls

(1999 & 2010)

Q: When did you first encounter the Orbs?

Katrina: In 1999 while I was visiting Sedona, Arizona, I encountered the Orbs. At this time, I was attending a conference about the Arcturians. Because I was receiving telepathic messages from the Arcturians, I wanted to learn more about them and I felt this conference could help me.

So during one of the

days of the conference,

I decided not to attend

the lectures as I wanted

to just go out and

experience the energy

of the special vortexes

in this area. For some

reason, I was drawn to

visit a Church which

was not far from the

famous energy vortex

known as “Bell Rock”

(because the rock is in

the shape of a bell). I

was here during the

very early hours in the

morning. Just as I was

walking past the church

to go explore one of the

nearby mountains – I

was astonished as there

were many colored

lights (Orbs) flying right

at me which I could see easily with my physical eyes. These lights were of different colors such as pink, magenta, purple, violet and blue. It was very strange so I was inspired to take some photographs. (Note: one of the photos Katrina took is shown above) Q: Now Katrina, in March of this year (2010) you and Joshua had a chance to visit the

Bluff Trail Labyrinth” near Madison, Wisconsin. In this location are being photographed many many orbs. You brought your crystal kids with you. What were your experiences here?

Katrina: I didn’t see the Orbs in this area so much with my physical eyes, but I could feel their presence quite strongly around the Labyrinth. However in the photographs we took during our visit, there were times when almost 100 orbs appeared at once. I did see the Orbs appear in the bedroom where we stayed. But this was at the parent’s home of Melanie, one of the owners of the land where the labyrinth had been built and was several 56


miles away. The orbs did call to me (telepathically) though and I was able to hear them.

After we finished our full day workshop on that Saturday, I was definitely called to go out to the labyrinth and be with the Orbs. When I went out at this time, I could feel all kind of spirits around me, especially Native American spirits. I believe the Orbs were drawn here to this place because the labyrinth lies on sacred land.

I remember during this

particular visit in the

labyrinth, I spoke to the

spirits or the Light Beings

(the Orbs). And I asked

them if they would come

near where I had placed

two of our crystal skulls

(“Portal” & “Geronimo”),

at the very center of the

labyrinth. And they did

follow my request as

through the photos we

took, I saw Orbs on the

ground trying to moving

closer to the skulls. This

was the only time we had

photos where the Orbs

were near the ground.

Q: Is there any relationship, in your opinion between the Orbs and the Crystal Skulls.

And did you notice any difference with your crystal skulls after they were placed within this labyrinth?

Katrina: I believe that the type of light beings I experience contact with inside the crystal skulls are quite similar to the light beings I have experienced when I have had contact with the Orbs. Also I did notice that I couldn’t hear the Orbs so clearly until after I started to hear the spirits who are within or connected to the Crystal Skulls.

Now when I looked closely at our skulls after we left the labyrinth and came home, I could see their physical form had changed related to the inner visible contents of the skulls you can see. Also I believe the Orbs followed us (linking to us through our skulls) as after we moved into the mountains of North Carolina (just south of Asheville), the Orbs started to communicate with me and asked me to go out at night into our backyard and take pictures of them of which they always will appear. They continue to do this even now (July 2010).

As a matter of fact, our friends who we are living with have access to night vision goggles and an infra-red light which enables us to visually see the orbs in movement. Lastly, sometimes in my bedroom, late at night or in the early morning, I will see with my naked eyes the orbs come into the bedroom to say hello!!

… if our readers wish to know more about our reports about the Orbs, our photos and the live video -- we are sharing this new research with the members of our free new newsletter entitled “The Unfolding of the Crystal Skulls” . To get your copy of our reports sign up at:


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Final Thoughts from the authors:

Because of what the crystal skulls could represent for the future of humanity, we believe that these ancient artifacts deserve a great deal more time, attention and study. Based upon our personal investigation into the skulls and from information we have gathered from numerous others, we understand the following:

These ancient crystalline tools or receptacles, known as the crystal skulls, contain very important information and knowledge that will assist our world through a transformational process that will ultimately bring peace for our planet and its inhabitants. It has been suggested through the Mayan Prophecy, that this process will be completed by December 21st, 2012 or what they call the ‘Year Zero’. This is not very far in our future. We have heard of other indigenous legends or oral traditions that also speak about such changes to our world, although they do not all agree upon the same specific date when this process will be completed. However, several of these sources also recognize the importance of the crystal skulls and the service they can and will offer to humanity.

Regardless of where or from whom these very old crystal skulls originate (i.e. –

advanced civilizations in the past or brought here from other worlds?), it is very clear that their energy is having a significant impact on the lives of the people they touch.

There are so many personal stories that we have received from others about how the skulls revitalized their health or their lives in some way. They are even a key catalyst for help people with spontaneous openings that occur related to their spiritual gifts or a hidden creative talent. Therefore, one may only conclude that the crystal skulls represent one of the most important tools of our time for helping to awaken the true inner potential within humanity. Perhaps they are the visible reminders on some level that we are all members of the same human family and now, more then ever, must unite together to create a better world that consists of more laughter and joy. We believe, that in the near future, all will be revealed so that we will be able to more fully understand what these fascinating and mysterious crystalline objects represent.

Thank you for joining us on this brief journey into the world of the crystal skulls. We look forward to sharing more with you in the future.

In Peace, Light, Love and Joy ……

Joshua Shapiro and Katrina Head

The Crystal Skull Explorers

North Carolina, USA

July, 2010





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o to


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taa t

c t t

c Us

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However, because we are continuously traveling during the year, to offer our events, the best way to contact us is usually by email. We promise to do our very best to get back to you as soon as we can. Once again, please find below our contact information:

Joshua Shapiro, Katrina Head


Feel free to contact us if you would like to

discuss the possibility of scheduling a

crystal skull event in your local area with

either of us or if you have any questions

about our research or the latest crystal skull

book we will be publishing in 2010/2011.

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