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Journey with the

Crystal Skull Explorers

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Joshua Shapiro


Katrina Head

Journeys with the Crystal Skull Explorers

© 2010, R. L. Shapiro and Katrina Head

(revised version 2009, fall edition, the free e-book

formerly called Journey of the Crystal Skulls)

This is a free e-book. You may freely copy this book and share it with any friends or acquaintances as long as the book is kept in its entirety. Therefore the contents may not be altered, added or left out without permission of the two authors. If you would like to re-print any portions of this book to share with others then please contact us at the address shown below to receive permission:

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Book Design: Joshua Shapiro & Katrina Head

Editors: Joshua Shapiro & Katrina Head


R. L. Shapiro & Katrina Head,

Al Ramirez & Stan Chan, Bill Homann and

special thanks to Jim Hamill

( from the British Museum, for the opportunity

to visit and photograph their crystal skull )

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Table of Contents

Welcome > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >


The Mysterious Crystal Skul s (an article)


The Crystal Skul Teachers and Guardians

(Biographies) … Katrina Head


Joshua Shapiro


Meet our Crystal Skul Family > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > 10

Portal de Luz


Geronimo Golden-Eagle Eye


Little Indian Princess


Purple Star Bright / Zippy One-Eye


The King / Laialani


The Guardian








Hidden Messages within our Crystal Skul s > > > > > > > > > > >


Portal de Luz


Geronimo Golden-Eagle Eye


Little Indian Princes


The King / Laialani






What is Going on Here?


Suggestive Technique working w/photos of our Crystal Skul s


Crystal Skul Meditations for World Peace


Journeys of the Crystal Skul Explorers


(our new comprehensive Printed Edition 2010/2011 & the e-book 2004)

Public Crystal Skul Events and Services


Interview with Bil Homann (“Skul of Love”)


The World Mystery Research Center


Katrina’s Contact with the Orbs & the Crystal Skul s


Tips for Reading the Book


Final Thoughts


How to Contact Us


(and other Crystal Skull resources)

Special Announcements



Thank you for your interest in our book and joining us for this brief exploration of one of the world’s greatest mysteries known as the crystal skulls or what the Mayans refer to as the “Crystal Heads.”

We are Joshua Shapiro and Katrina Head, your hosts. Both of us have been involved with the crystal skulls for a number of years now. We collectively take care of 9 skulls which we work quite closely with and are known as “The Crystal Kids”. You will encounter all of these friends, later within this e-book. People also know us as the Crystal Skull Explorers as we have been working closely together since the spring of 2009. We have committed our lives to sharing the best information and insights we have collected about the skulls with the world.

We believe that the very old crystal skulls (also called ‘ancient’ skulls) which are publicly known within our world today represent one of the most important artifacts that have ever been discovered within our recorded history.

Furthermore, we feel that each crystal skull (whether of an older or more modern design) has a significant role to play in our future that will eventually assist Mankind in many ways that will help us create a more peaceful world.

This small e-book is just a short introduction about the crystal skulls and a little bit about our personal work with them. However you will find at the end, a few links to various other sources that you can visit to further your own personal studies or research. Additionally we have included an overview of our new and more comprehensive book that will be available sometime in 2010 or 2011 which is entitled:

Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers

The first version of this work was released as an e-book in 2004 ( when Joshua was working with Blue Arrow Rainbow Eagle Woman from Holland). This specific book includes information that we have gathered from over 27 years of travels and experiences with the crystal skulls. It also recognizes and honors many of the different individuals who have and are playing a key role in educating the public about the crystal skulls.

Thank you for taking the time to explore this e-book and bring us into your home.

We hope you enjoy your stay with us. In Peace, Light, Love and Joy always ….

Joshua Shapiro and Katrina Head

Your Crystal Skull Explorers




An Introduction

“What is a Crystal Skull?” – Well as this name or term implies we are speaking about a skull shaped object that is made from various types of quartz crystals (clear, amethyst, smoky, rose, etc …). Most of us are familiar with quartz crystal as this gemstone is a key component within all of our modern-day electronics; devices that we use each and every day (including the computer you are using to read this book btw).

There are many people today who work with their personal crystals in order to re-energize themselves, for healing (physical or emotional problems) or even to assist them in their development of their inner or spiritual gifts.

However, when one begins to work with a quartz crystal that is in the shape of a human-like skull – other strange phenomena begin to occur around them. We have received numerous reports from people all over the world having some very special experiences connected to the crystal skulls. There are three different types of crystal skulls that are spoken about in the world today as follows1:

NEW or CONTEMPORARY” – These are crystal

skulls that are being manufactured by modern

carvers. There are thousands upon thousands of such

skulls in existence today. Since the middle part of the

1990’s, there has been an explosion in the interest

about the crystal skulls. There are quite a few people

now, in all parts of our world, who have acquired their

own personal skull to work with and use. The

contemporary crystal skulls come in all shape and

sizes and are being primarily done by carvers in Brazil

and China. These skulls can even be found for sale

upon E-Bay.

© Katrina Head

d & R. Joshua Shapiro

OLD” – a crystal skull that was created between 100

years ago to about 1000 years ago. A number of

“Portal de Luz” – a smoky

these types of skulls have been discovered within or

quartz crystal skull created

near ancient ruins in Mexico or Central America. In

by a Master Carver

from Brazil.

general, the appearance of these crystal skulls are

somewhat crude in form and upon a close

examination of the surface of an “Old” crystal skull, there are usually observed some type of tool marks left by its carver, similar to what can be detected with the newly made crystal skulls.


ANCIENT” -- a crystal skull which was fashioned at least 1500-2000 years ago or was created long long ago. It has been suggested that some of these crystal skulls could literally be (hundred of) thousands of years old based upon the studies conducted by various researchers. Also, it has been suggested (or implied) through various legends or oral traditions of different indigenous peoples that the ancient skulls are very very old.

Presently there are only a small number of such crystal skulls known publicly. As to the exact number of how many ancient skulls could exist, this answer is unknown. At the present time, we do not have an exact scientific procedure to be able to date when a piece of quartz was shaped into a skull however there are a number of different ideas and theories about how one can definitively identify a crystal skull as being “ancient” (or even “old”). Again, many of these types of skulls appear to have some type of link with different Mesoamerican cultures as well as possible ties with various Native American tribes or nations within North America. We have even heard rumors of crystal skulls that have been found or are known within South America and in other parts of the world as well.

In general, we are unable to detect tool marks upon the surface of an ancient crystal skull. The implications of this condition suggests that either this particular skull was done completely by hand (over a long period of time) or perhaps, there was some form of very sophisticated and advanced technology that was utilized to make the skull, of which we are not familiar with as of yet. Most of the so-called very old or ancient crystal skulls we have personally met have a very intense energy field that surrounds them, of which many people are able to sense or feel. This energy field can be quite strong and powerful.

There are a number of different theories that have been given as to explain how these ancient skulls may have been manufactured; some of which are quite fantastic in their scope. It has been difficult to trace the true history about where these objects as far as where they may have originated from or what parts of the world they have traveled through. Attempts have been made by various groups to work with trained sensitives in the presence of a crystal skull and record the impressions that they psychically receive.

However this method does not always guarantee success as the historical information channeled by these psychics does not always agree and even can be conflicting at times.

History of the Crystal Skulls – The public first became aware of the crystal skulls during the later part of the 19th century. At this time, many museums of the world became interested in displaying antiquities from past civilizations (Egypt, Greece, Mesoamerica, etc …). Thus, in the 1878, in the Musèe de l’homme (the Museum of Man) in Paris and in 1898, in the British Museum in London, each had a clear quartz skull on public display. It is believed that both of these crystal skulls originated from within Mexico (possibly connected with ancient ruins or tombs) during the 1860’s, at the time of the French occupation of this country. Eventually both of these skulls somehow came into the possession of a French antiquities dealer, by the name of Boban and eventually found their way to the stated museums.



During the research for our new

book, “Journeys of the Crystal

Skull Explorers” we uncovered

that there were a few other old or

ancient crystal skulls that also

made their way into private

hands during the 19th century.

Within recent years, these

particular skulls are now held by

various individuals who have

publicly disclosed their existence

and in some cases, are

permitting other people to sit with

them in private.

As we entered into the first part

of the 20th century, there was an

entirely different group of crystal

skulls that mysteriously surfaced.

Within this group of skulls, there

was also a strong connection

with the ancestors of the

indigenous people living in

© Zane Bonara-Bell (photographer) & R. Joshua Shapiro different parts of Mexico or

Photograph of the crystal skull held by the

Central America. Please find

British Museum since 1898. The first human-

next a short description about

sized crystal skull placed on public display.

some of the most well known

skulls that emerged at this time:

“The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull” : named after famed explorer and adventurer, F.

A. Mitchell-Hedges, discovered in Lubaantum, an ancient Mayan city in Belize in 1924.

This skull is human-size and made from an absolutely clear piece of quartz that includes a removable jaw. It is an almost exact copy of our own modern bone skull. At the current time this skull is in the hands of his adopted daughter, Anna Mitchell-Hedges (since the time of her father’s death in 1959).

“ET” : discovered by a Mayan family near Guatemala while digging on their property in 1906. This crystal skull was obtained by Joky Van Dieten in 1991 through a crystal store near Los Angeles. It is the only known human-size ancient crystal skull that is made from smoky quartz. In appearance it has a resemblance to a type of “ET” shape with a slightly pointed chin and similarly pointed in the top part of the head. This crystal skull now travels the world with its caretaker who hopes to share it with other people (including world leaders) to meditate with for world peace.



“Max” -- an 18 lb (8.2 kg) clear quartz crystal skull purportedly discovered in a Mayan tomb in Guatemala between 1924-1926. The skull was gifted by a Mayan Shaman to a Tibetan-trained lama in 1970. It was housed within his healing center in Houston, Texas and used as a healing tool to assist numerous patients who came to the center.

Upon the lama’s death, the crystal skull was gifted to his close friends, Carl and JoAnn Parks. Currently Mrs. Parks is touring (primarily in the U.S.) with her crystal skull, providing many people an opportunity to experience this ancient skull directly.

“Ami” , the Amethyst Crystal Skull: It is

stated by its current owners that it was

believed to have once been part of a

collection of crystal skulls held by the

Mexican President Diaz (from 1876-

1910). Another report we have heard

discussed that this skull may have been

discovered in the Oaxaca area (Mexico)

and was handed down from generation

to generation through an order of Mayan

Priests. This is smaller than human-size

skull and weights 8.5 lbs. (3.86 kg). The

current location of “Ami” is unknown as

this skull was sold to a private party in

© Al Ramirez

August of 2009 from the prior owners,

who were a group of business men in

“Ami” – an ancient amethyst crystal skull;

the San Jose area of California.

notice the circular indentation in the

temple areas and its style of design.

So, why are the Crystal Skulls so Important? There is no simple answer to this question. The study of the crystal skulls is very complex and seems almost never ending. However, we would like to offer to our readers a few ideas or thoughts that we have gathered over the years from a number of sources, for your consideration:

“The Crystal Skulls function like our modern-day computers and were used in this capacity by various (advanced) civilizations in our past. They contain hidden knowledge and information that when it is time for this to be revealed, will ultimately assist humanity to create a Golden Age of peace and harmony upon our world!”

“They were a powerful tool for healing [Body Mind and Spirit] within such cultures as the Mayans, the Aztecs or even the Atlanteans”

“Relative to today: We have witnessed many people’s lives being profoundly affected after having had an opportunity to spend time in the presence of a very old crystal skull. And even now, this type of phenomena is beginning to happen around the ‘Contemporary Crystal Skulls’ as well. Could the crystal skulls then be a type of mini energy vortex or better yet, a catalyst that is helping people to awaken to their true spiritual nature?”


In truth, the best way to truly understand what the crystal skulls are about and to appreciate them is to have your own personal experience with one. So if you have a chance to meet a crystal skull along your path, may we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and see what will happen to you? Feel free to contact us, as we would love to hear from you about your crystal skull encounters.

We hope this short article was helpful to introduce to you the crystal skulls. This has been one of the most fascinating subjects for us to be personally involved with as the skulls have and are continuing to take us on a grand adventure all over the world. We just never know what will happen to us next or where will be our next destination(s).

Kind of exciting, don’t you think?

In the next section of our e-book, we offer a short biography about ourselves and present the members of our collective crystal skull family.


(Please Note: If you would like to learn more about the crystal skulls please feel free to check out either our full featured e-book version of, Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers --

available since February, 2004. Or, please see page 42 for a complete overview of the contents of the printed edition of this book in English which is scheduled for release sometime before the end of 2010 or within 2011. We will be taking reservations for the new book at a reduced price before the book is officially released. Please contact us by email to discover how to take advantage of this special price.)

(1 –The three classifications of crystal skulls discussed within this article were originated by the Society of Crystal Skulls International, in an attempt to distinguish the different type of skulls that exist within our world.)



Crystal Skul

Teachers & Guardians

[ Biography ]



Katrina Head

Katrina is a hands-on-healer who is guided and

assisted by an inter-dimensional group

consciousness that is called “The Melchizedek

Guardians” (or Katrina calls them “The

Guardians”). Katrina enters into an altered

state of awareness and is guided by “The

Guardians” through numerous levels of

intelligence and inner wisdom which exists

beyond polarization and from a unity level (i.e.

– All is One). “The Guardians” were introduced

to Katrina by various other galactic civilizations

(the Arcturians and the Sirian Council) who

were working with Katrina first, because their

natural energies were more compatible with the

human energy. Now as Katrina works with

“The Guardians”, she is able to receive the

base of 12 and 12th dimensional energies

which represent the 12-Strand DNA body.

Therefore when Katrina receives “The Guardian’s” healing energies and modalities, she is able to share these frequencies with her clients when she is doing her healing work.

Another part of Katrina’s work is to act as a steward for people to help guide them through spiritual ascension or our ability to evolve into a higher level of consciousness in the physical. Within the last several years, Katrina has gone through a sequence of spiritual awakenings and inner openings as her physical vibration has shifted. This has resulted in her awakening to her true self as a Starseed (or Star Person) and she is now able to see and experience directly multidimensional realities and beings. She is in constant communication with evolutionary forces of “Light” which is really what “The Guardians” represent. It so happens, her introduction to crystal skulls came when she was gifted a small rose quartz skull who told her, its name was “The Guardian” .

Therefore having her spiritual gifts awakened, Katrina has many contacts with energies related to UFO’s and the beings who pilot the ships. She is able to actually clearly see them as luminous beings and able to hear their communication. She is also able to take photographs when the light orbs are around and is sensitive to their energy as well. The Guardians act as a key source of guidance for Katrina in the work she is doing in the world to help bring forth a Golden Age of Peace for our World.

Lastly, when Katrina met Joshua and had a chance to meet his “Crystal Kids” or the

“babies” as she calls them, the first time she went through a tremendous inner activation as she felt a lightening bolt hit her. Katrina believes this activation helped to bring out more of her true self as the “kids” held inner information which resonated with her soul. Katrina is able to hear the “kids” speak to her as they have various requests and is a co-caretaker with Joshua now. In addition, Katrina has met the ancient crystal skull “Max” when “He” visited Atlanta and Dr. Brown’s Atlantean Crystal Ball which is now being called an

“Atlantean Orb” that integrated energetically into Katrina so she is able to work with the

“Orb” Essence in her healing work.



R. “Joshua” Shapiro

Joshua has been involved with the

crystal skulls since 1983 when he

saw one made out of amethyst in

northern California (“Ami”). He felt

such a strong connection with this

artifact that since that time he has

devoted his life and resources to

sharing the best information he can

about these crystalline artifacts with

other people all over the world and

the future role they will play to help

our planet see world peace. He has

had an opportunity to privately visit

with a number of the well known

crystal skulls in the world including:

the "Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull of

Love", "ET", the “British Museum

Crystal Skull”, “Synergy” and “Ami”.

Since Katrina Head has entered in his life in the early spring of 2009, they have been working closely together. The Explorers offer various crystal skull presentations (lectures and workshops) to the public as well as a unique type of private consultation with their personal skulls that combines their individual spiritual and creative talents. In the picture shown here, we see Joshua holding the Brazilian carved crystal skull known as “Portal de Luz” (Portuguese for “Portal of Light”), who has traveled with him all over the world.

Joshua is the author of various books including his first book about the crystal skulls

entitled “Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed” , written jointly with Sandra

Bowen and the late, F. R. ‘Nick’ Nocerino. This book was published in 1989 and there is also a Portuguese edition issued in Brazil in 1993. He has released various

versions of his new book, “Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers” since 2004

(as an e-book and printed edition in 3 foreign languages in Europe).

Joshua is the co-founder of V J Enterprises (in Illinois, USA), which has been in operation since 1992, dedicated to sharing the best information that describes how our planet will be transformed into a “Golden Age” by the year 2013. Additionally, Joshua has offered a number of other public talks throughout the world that discuss current information about UFOs, the Bible Code and the Hollow Earth. He is actively involved with the non-profit organization: the World Mystery Research Center. This foundation is dedicated to studying various world mysteries which are believed to inherently contain vital encoded information necessary to create a peaceful world.

He is the originator of a story for an action adventure film that portrays how world peace will happen by the end of 2012 waiting to be made (the script is completed).


Meet the members of our

Crystal Skul Family

Portal de Luz

Geronimo Golden Eagle-Eye

Little Indian Princess

The King / Laialani

Purple Starbright/

Zippy One-Eye

The Guardian




(Pictures of our crystal skulls,

“The Crystal Kids” and a brief

description to acquaint you with

their relative size and what could

be the service offered by each of the

crystal skulls shown here ……. )



Portal de Luz

“Portal de Luz” (Portal of Light) weights 10 lbs (4.5 kg) and is the largest crystal head in our family. “He” is made of light grey smoky quartz crystal which was mined and carved in Brazil. His first initiation occurred at a Mayan Sun Rise ceremony conducted by Mayan Priests from Guatemala in Sedona, Arizona in 1999 at a crystal skull conference sitting with a number of old and young skulls.

Since the summer of 1999, “Portal” has worked closely with Joshua participating in his lectures and private consultations (now with Katrina and the other “Crystal Kids”). When an individual chooses “Portal” for their consultation (or healing session) this represents a person who is seeking more balance in their life or wishes to have a greater clarity about their life’s purpose. When “Portal” interacts with others, “he” will often change his weight and color. “He” loves to participate in our crystal skull research, and to work with the Natural Energies of “Mother Earth”. “He” is our musical skull who is often seen dancing with his “papa” (Joshua) during our public presentations.



Geronimo Golden Eagle-Eye

“Geronimo Golden Eagle-Eye” is just under 2 lbs., almost clear dark smoky (cola smoky) quartz crystal skull, who was a gift to Joshua from Blue Arrow Rainbow Eagle Woman (his last ex-wife from Holland) in 2004. At this time, Joshua had just one crystal skull,

“Portal de Luz” and thought he would never accept another. However, when he first viewed “Geronimo” (his shortened name), he was so clear inside, he felt drawn to accept him.

Now normally it takes a few months to work privately with a new crystal skull that one obtains, before sharing “him/her” with others. But “Geronimo”, after about a week of being with Joshua was already out in the public at a crystal skull meeting in Germany. In the beginning, Joshua wasn’t quite sure what work “Geronimo” would do, although he had a Native American name. “He” would constantly help Joshua to be a bit more balanced energetically during the private sessions (as he was not offered to the clients for a period of time) that Joshua offered for the public. But eventually he joined the group of working skulls and is one of the most popular crystal skulls chosen in our sessions.

However, in 2007 is when “Geronimo” really started to come into his own. “He” became the favorite skull of the leader of a group of Shamanic Drummers in Hungary and loves to be around native drumming. He also became the favorite skull for a Native American Indian Chief in Missouri met in 2008 and was gifted some special energies from this tribe.

He has helped Joshua in many ways with his personal energies as well as being a protector skull. In a way “Geronimo” paved the way for more crystal skulls to come into Joshua’s circle which Joshua and Katrina now affectingly call their “Crystal kids”. So as you can see in this e-book, the circle has grown to nine skulls now.



Little Indian Princess

“Little Indian Princess” is a 1 lb rose quartz skull and was made by the same carver in Brazil as “Portal” and “Geronimo”. “She” was a gift in 2007 to Joshua from Blue Arrow Rainbow Eagle Woman who was the person to inspire the name of this crystal skull. At this time, Joshua was preparing to leave Holland and had two crystal skulls which had a predominately male energies so “Little Indian Princess” arrived to bring a feminine energy to this circle.

“Little Indian Princess” is the crystal skull in our circle who emanates a very pure and loving energy which in general will touch people in their heart, whether this person is a man or a woman. “She” is usually not one of our skulls who is seen out in front as “she” does her heart work behind the scenes. “Little Indian Princess” played a very important role (besides helping to open up her “daddy’s heart” {Joshua} ), in that she also opened the door for more feminine based skulls to come to us which followed in 2008 including the arrival of the rose quartz skull, called “The Guardian” with Katrina in 2009.

For Katrina: “ ‘Little Indian Princess’ has a very gentle and loving energy but “she” has acted as a catalyst to electrify and really opened up my heart energy. “She” also works with the higher heart energy. The higher heart energy is what activates the crystal records that are within each of us. Once I started working with ‘Little Indian Princess’, this is what she activated within me, these crystal records.” Katrina saw with her inner vision that the higher heart color becomes a crystal lotus blue which is directly connected to a level called “The Kundalini Universe” which is where our “Cosmic Chakras” (verses our physical body chakras) and “Light Bodies” exist .



Purple Starbright / Zippy One-Eye

This amethyst crystal skull is slightly over 2 lbs. Joshua acquired this skull from a friend in Chicago, Steve Rosely, who sells crystal skulls and many gemstones in his store on the North Side of Chicago. Steve had a booth at a conference in Chicago where Joshua and Bill Homann (the guardian of the “Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull of Love”) both spoke and Bill gave people a chance to see his wondrous crystal skull. Steve granted us permission to show the “Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull” at his booth. Well, Joshua had a strong feeling that the “3 Musketeers” (Portal, Geronimo & Indian Princess) they wanted to have an amethyst brother/sister. So when Joshua wasn’t busy with the interviews for the TV show that was filming there, or helping Bill with the “Skull of Love”, he walked over to see what skulls Steve had for sale.

There were a few amethyst skulls present but there was one which kind of was speaking to Joshua (this one) so he traded about 12 of his old crystal skull books to acquire this crystal skull. Now it was taking a while for a name to come, but Joshua was drawn to the skull’s eyes and it appeared as if one eye was open (the right) and the other eye was closed, so the name started at “One-Eye”. But then one day as Joshua was driving his car to do some errands, he heard the spirit of the skull come to him and “she” said: ‘My name is not “One-Eye” its “Zippy One-Eye”, so Joshua thought who am I to argue if my skull wishes this name. “Purple Star Bright”, the skull’s other name, was the name given by Blue Arrow Rainbow Eagle Woman when she saw a digital photo of the skull.

“She” works with the feminine energies of a person and opens one up to their intuitive side for balance with one’s masculine side regardless whether you are man or woman.

“Zippy” shows you that once you are lead intuitively by your inner guidance, the perfect life direction for you to take will be the balance of your masculine/feminine energy.



The King / Laialani

The “King” (The One who Points the way, or the masculine side name) or “Laialani” (the feminine side name) is what is called a “Star Being” skull and is less then 1 lb., made from amethyst quartz. Joshua has tried to discover who the carver is that is making these type of skulls (hundreds or thousands are being made) but all we know is that it is a Chinese carver. Some people feel the shape of this skull resembles the Gray Aliens somewhat but for us, this skull has never held such type of frequencies or energies.

Joshua received this crystal skull as a gift from Sharon White Elk Woman, from Kent in England, when he participated in the fall of 2008 in a Crystal Skull Conference (or “Taster” as we called it) in Glastonbury in England. White Elk Woman told Joshua that a specific crystal skull had requested to go with him. The masculine name for the skull did not come until about 2 months later, when Joshua was visiting a friend in Los Angeles and did a meditation with the skull with music from his MP3 player, right before going to sleep. Here is what happened:

First Joshua felt to raise this skull in his left hand, high in the air above him and away from his body. Then he felt and saw (Joshua’s gift of inner sight is not so strong), a powerful purple beam of light come from above him and cover his hand and arm, holding the skull. He felt a communication on a feeling level with dimensional beings. Then he heard, “My name is The King, and I am the One who Points the Way” and he felt the “King” literally moving him off in a direction, representing a direction of life he should travel. In 2009, some people felt a more feminine aspect to this crystal skull and at a small presentation we gave in the Atlanta area, a good friend of Katrina’s in attendance was holding this crystal skull and said the feminine side felt like “Laialani” – a woman’s name from Hawaii, so we decided to keep it.

This skull works with people who are “Star People” or “ET Souls” and shows how such people are able to integrate their star-self with their human side. Katrina also feels (perhaps these were the dimensional beings who contacted Joshua) “The King/Laialani” also is connected with the Hathors.



The Guardian

The "Guardian" is a small pink quartz crystal skull which weights less than 1 lb. This is the first crystal skull that Katrina received which was gifted to her by a friend during Christmas, 2008. Do not let the size fool you because it is an amazing tool.

When Katrina received this skull it immediately began to work with her in wondrous and powerful ways creating special manifestations. The first manifestation was confirmation that she would soon meet her soul family and began a new and exiting job in the spiritual field. At the time the "Guardian" arrived, Katrina was going through a major shift of the frequencies within her personal energy field as new spirit guides were coming to help her at the time. It was not long after that she was told that these energies (the guides) were “The Guardians” ( see Katrina’s bio).

The "Guardian" has a very gentle and sweet energy. “She” brings in a frequency that gives to the person “she” is helping, a balance of harmony and a strong guidance to assist you to move forward in your personal path. The “Guardian” offers to you an energy which helps you balance your feminine and masculine part as “she” shares with you privately how to use the power of both energies together. A contact with the

“Guardian” provides for you courage in your life as well as the ability to stand in the power of who you are. When Katrina first received the "Guardian" it was very pink in color but as you can see in the photo, it has become almost totally white. The calming and flowing energies within the "Guardian" continue to change constantly in all of “her” travels due to her contact with the angelic kingdom.




“Anton” is a small clear quartz skull that was carved in Brazil which is less than 1 lb.

Katrina received this skull when we ordered skulls for all the passengers of our UFO –

Crystal Skull Journey to Peru in November of 2009, Katrina’s first taste of Peru. Katrina immediately began to connect with Anton when we received him from Brazil. As soon as the carvers was shaping the piece of quartz crystal, “he” telepathically told Katrina that his name was “Anton”. “Anton” has strong Egyptian energies and a blue dragon energy.

When Katrina first received “Anton” it was truly a reunion for them. Katrina took pictures of “Anton” when he arrived and Katrina could see an image of the Sphinx. “Anton” has a higher energy which creates a doorway leading Katrina to have an experience of a higher reality system of source energy. Katrina senses a feeling of liberation and freedom when working with “Anton”. (‘the Law of One’) When taking “Anton” to Peru “he” received and recorded a blue dragon in the back of his head and you can see the shape of the dragon.

“Anton” revealed to Katrina that this is an ancient dragon technology picked up through the doorway of “Amur Muru” and he revealed to Katrina that this works with the ley lines across Mother Earth both horizontally and vertically connecting to the four faces of man.

“Anton” is able to work with people in regaining and reinstating cellular records of who they truly are and begin experiencing their soul path.




“Atahualpa” is a 9-10 ounce frosty clear quartz skull that was made by a carver in Brazil around September of 2009. “He” with another one of the crystal skulls we received for our group going to Peru later that year. The quartz was mined in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil as is true of several of the other “kids”. After Joshua was called to select this crystal skull, the skull (“he”) told Joshua that he was forbidden to work with

“him” until they were actually in Peru.

Now, the name of “Atahualpa” comes from the name of the last Inca Emperor, who was tortured by the invading Spanish and then eventually killed. The crystal skull did not receive his name to Joshua, as “his” primary caretaker until we were in Peru with our spiritual group. Joshua had visited Peru several years ago, in a remote city in the Andes mountains in the north called Cajamarca, the last home city of “Atahualpa” before he was executed by the Spanish. Joshua felt a connection at that time with the spirit of

“Atahualpa”. Then, while we were in Lake Titicaca, before returning to America, the spirit of the crystal skull asked Joshua to be given this name. But right after the name of the skull was decided, while we were still in this sacred Lake, Joshua did his first personal meditation with “Atahualpa” listening to the music of the group called “Cusco” on his mp3 player. “Atahualpa showed Joshua that he had a past life with Katrina as Inca and that they had lived in Lake Titicaca before. Joshua is not ready to reveal who they were during that time just yet (as it is hard to believe).

While in Peru, Joshua observed how “Atahualpa” was recording and absorbing all the frequencies of the sacred sites the group visited within

his vibrational structure. So this

crystal skull holds the energy of Peru and helps a person to prepare for visiting Peru.




(Editor’s Note: Due to the unusual nature of how we acquired “Ta’chu’la”, and where the skull was discovered, we have decided that in order to tell the story properly about this skull we will allow more then one page to be shared compared to what we have done with the other “Crystal Kids” – thanks.)

“Ta'chu'la” is a skull made out of clear obsidian with a piece of cranberry obsidian that lies in the back of the head. “Ta’chu’la” was retrieved from a construction project and dig in Mongolia, China where they were building a dam. As they were digging into the ground, they discovered “Ta’chu’la” and a number of other non-quartz skulls. This occurred during 2009.

Katrina received this skull from a good friend of Joshua’s, whose name is Lionfire, based out of Colorado. Lionfire has been interested in the crystal skulls for a long time and naturally was familiar with the work that Joshua has done over the years. Finally the two of them were able to meet near Santa Fe, New Mexico in December of 2008 as both were present to do their own type of public crystal skull work. When Joshua met Lionfire at this time, Lionfire had like 30-40 non-quartz skulls with him all coming out of China.

These skulls, like “Ta’chu’la” are all stylized and are not a representation of the human bone skull. Lionfire has contacts with the people who are digging up these skulls and then tries to find the right person for their new home.

Going back to the first time we met “Ta’chu’la”, this took place during our visit to Sedona, Arizona in Decemeber of 2009. Lionfire was nearby to attending a special 19

conference that featured 13 Grandmothers of various indigenous tribes. Again Lionfire had a number of these skulls with him and shared them at the conference plus he gifted one of these gemstone skulls to one of the grandmothers. Anyway, the person who was hosting Lionfire, was very close to the room we were renting in a private home. We were able to visit with Lionfire twice. It was during the second visit that activities began to happen between Katrina and “Ta’chu’la” (of course we didn’t know this was the skulls name at this time).

When Katrina saw “Ta’chu’la” during our first visit, this skull began to speak to her directly but she wasn’t paying attention and because she was tired, she just dismissed it.

Besides, “Ta’chu’la” was sitting with thirteen other similar type of skulls that were retrieved from the same Mongolian dig. However, during our second visit, “Ta’chu’la” once again began speaking to Katrina and this time it was harder to ignore the skull.

Then, when Lionfire placed “Ta’chu’la” into Katrina's hands (Katrina had not said one word to anyone present about that “Ta’chu’la” was talking telepathically to her), Katrina realized this skull wanted to go with her.

Lionfire intuitively felt that Katrina was suppose to have this skull, so an arrangement was made for “Ta’chu’la” to go back home with us as we left Sedona. Also when

“Ta’chu’la” was given to Katrina, the skull immediately began to tell her “his” name and explained to Katrina that “his” purpose was to be with all our crystal skulls and ourselves as our protector (a protector of the energetic field around the “Crystal Kids”).

Now, for us “Ta’chu’la” has a Mayan energy. Katrina feels that she has worked with

“Ta’chu’la” in the mult-universes and has had a special past life time with “Ta’chu’la” which is why “Ta’chu’la” recognized her. “Ta'chu'la” gave Katrina specific instructions as to how “he” is to be used. For example, “Ta’chu’la” is to sit behind the other crystal skulls in our private sessions we offer and “he” is not to be held by the participants unless he specifically states which person “he” wishes to be held by. However,

“Ta’chu’la” likes to be held at our public events and the workshops. “Ta’chu’la” has access to a universal energy of protection that works with the spiraling essence of the Universe. “Ta’chu’la” sends out a message about healing energies which are linked to universe upon universe, planet upon planet and a being upon a being. “Ta’chu’la” works with an individual’s DNA coding and this is something that can not be understand by one’s intellect. It is what it is.





within our

Crystal Skul


(Unusual pictures derived

from of our crystal skulls

using a digital process.

See what images you

can observe within the

pictures in this section. )



Portal de Luz

Images to Look For: Do you see at the top of the skull, the image of the “Little People of the Cherokee” which is also called “Yundi Tsundi” meaning race of Spirits? In the middle of the skull do you see the Asian deity “Kuan Yin”? Further below there is an animal spirit (a wolf) and maybe you see a spaceship at the bottom?



Portal de Luz

Images to Look For: To the middle (in the lighted area) at the far side on both parts of the head are two strange beings with a sort of light tower or energy tower in the middle. Or do you see an Egyptian looking person or deity again in the center? Throughout the skull are many images of cats with perhaps an Angel at the bottom?



Geronimo Golden Eagle-Eye

Images to Look For: Do you see in between the eyes a

Native American? And what about wings at the sides in

the middle? From the middle to the right there are animal

spirits with many symbols throughout the skull that look

Native American. In the nose area it seems like there is a

Native American camp with tepees and there is a horse

with a person on it.



Geronimo Golden Eagle-Eye

Images to Look For: Do you see at the top of the head a Peruvian Knight? (The same man Katrina saw at “The Temple of the Monkeys” near Cusco, Peru). Also around this Peruvain Knight do you see eagle wings? In the middle of the nose is a “Phoenix Rising”.



Little Indian Princess

Images to Look For: At the top, do you see another

crystal skull? Before this are easily seen “wings”. There is a person in the middle with a breastplate of a sort with a

cross looking symbol. At the bottom is a “Temple of Light”.



The King / Laialani

Images to Look For: At the top of the skull do you see the shape of a cat? There is a Peruvian looking woman in

the middle of the skull. How about some “Angels” just

below the bottom to the left and right hand sides of the

skull, playing their harps? Finally below the Angels are




The King / Laialani

Specific Image to See: At the very top (in the dark purple area) is a strange face. As we move to the center there

appears to be a sort of crystal chamber with all type of alien beings surrounded this chamber from top to bottom




Images to Look For: In the middle we see an ET being that is standing in front of several spaceships behind

him/her. At the very top is a strange face of a being and it appears on top of the head are small skulls. Below center

looks like an African Mask.




Images to Look For: It appears like two celestial beings at the top in the center (one on top of each other). It feels like there are human eyes in the skull eye sockets and

perhaps an alien being in the nose area.