Joomla 3 Newbie Guide HTML version

Joomla! 3 Newbie’s Guide
5. Click on Upload & Install
6. Congratulation! You just installed new template.
How to change default template?
Once you install new template, it’s time to make them default to see in action.
1. Login into Joomla Administrator
2. Click on Extensions>>Template Manager
3. Select newly installed template from main screen and click on Default
4. Click on newly install template on main screen
5. Click on Menus assignment tab
6. Select all Menus (you can click on Toggle Selection)
7. Click on Save& Close
8. Congratulation! You have given brand new look to your Joomla Website.
How to change module position on front-end Website?
You may like to change module position on your front-end based on you design your
Website. In this example, I will change LoginFormModule position from right to left