Joomla 3 Newbie Guide HTML version

Joomla! 3 Newbie’s Guide
Duplicate – You can just clone your selected module by clicking on Duplicate button.
Publish – You can publish Module if it’s unpublished.
Unpublish – You can unpublish Module if you don’t want to appear on your Joomla
CheckIn – Check-in the selected modules.
Trash – to delete module
Batch – Batch process the selected modules
Options – To manage the permissions
Modules are available for your Website (front-end) as well as Joomla Administrator
(back-end). At left corner, you can toggle to view modules.
Modules are heart of your Joomla Website. You can change position, modify
appearance, publish/unpublish modules on your Website the way you want.
Plug-in Manager
Plugin is a Joomla! Extension. Plugins provide functions, which are associated with
trigger events. Joomla comes with a set of core plugin events. This is powerful way of
extending the functionality of the Joomla Framework.
Plug-in Manager screen allow you to Edit, Enable, Disable, Check in selected plugin.
At left top you will see following items.
Template Manager
The Template Manager allows you to assign a default Template to your Joomla!
Website. You can also edit, duplicate and delete template. At left top you will see
follow items.