Joomla 3 Newbie Guide HTML version

Joomla! 3 Newbie’s Guide
Screenshot: Update Toolbar
On main screen, you will see extensions to be updated if any. To update, select an
extension on main screen and click on Update button at left top.
Manage screen is used to enable, disable, uninstall extensions that are installed in
your Joomla site. At left top you will see Enable, Disable, Refresh Cache, Uninstall,
Help and Options button.
On main screen, you will see all extensions. To manage them, select an extension and
click on top left button, as you require.
Manage screen is very helpful to see extension status and take action (Enable,
Disable, Uninstall). It’s one click away and you can control your extensions from this
This screen allows you to discover extensions that have not gone through the normal
installation process.
For example, some extensions are too large in file size to upload using the web
interface due to limitations of the web-hosting environment. Using this feature you
can upload extension files directly to your web server using some other means such as
FTP or SFTP and place those extension files into the appropriate directory.
You can then use the discover feature to find the newly uploaded extension and
activate it in your Joomla! Installation.
Using the discover operation you can also discover and install multiple extensions at
the same time. At left top, you will have following options.