Joomla 3 Newbie Guide HTML version

Joomla! 3 Newbie’s Guide
Now, ckeditor component is installed. I can use this component for article editor. All
components will be appeared in Components menu, once it’s installed successfully.
Install from Directory – this option allow you to install extension from server
You can create temporary directory on your server and unpack the Extension’s
archive file in this temporary directory.
In the Install Directory field specify the server directory where you unpacked the
Click on Install to begin installation and wait for installation to be completed.
Screenshot: Install from Directory
Install from URL – another alternative option to install an Extension. Instead of
downloading extension, you can directly install extension-using URL. Just specify the
URL in Install URL field and click on Install.
Screenshot: Install directly from URL
This screen is used to update extensions that are installed in your Joomla! Site. At left
top, you can see five following buttons.