Joomla 3 Newbie Guide HTML version

Joomla! 3 Newbie’s Guide
Messaging component allow you to send private message to your Web site’s user.
This is great way to contact your user directly from Joomla Administrator page.
News Feed
The news feed component allows you to collect feeds from other sites and publish
them on your site. You can add links to these feeds for users by creating News Feed
layout in Menu Manager.
Redirect is excellent component. It redirects a visitor to a valid page when you try to
access a page that doesn’t exist. Its main function is to provide a mechanism to give
an administrator the ability to redirect the URL of a web page. You must have
mod_rewrite option enabled in your Joomla Configuration Options in order for the
redirects you to function.
You expect your user to search content on your website. Search component allow
users to search content on your Web site using search button located on top right.
Smart Search
Joomla 3.0 shipped with many features including smart search. Smart Search is
destined to be the replacement for com_search, which has been since 7+ years. Smart
Search is disabled by default and you must enable to use it.
It’s worth using Smart Search, as it’s big improvement in search content on your Web
site. I will talk about how to enable Smart Search under Extension chapter.
Web Links
The Web Links component allows you to add, edit and remove links to other web
sites on your Joomla! Web site and organize them into categories. You can display
these links on your site, and optionally let visitors add new links.
One way of displaying links on your site is to use the Weblinks module to list links
from a specific category. Another method is to create a menu item of type Weblinks -