Joomla 3 Newbie Guide HTML version

Joomla! 3 Newbie’s Guide
Open Internet browser
Access your web server (it will open Joomla! Web Installer)
Here you will have three tabs (Configuration, Database & Overview).
Site Name – Enter Your Site Name
Description – Enter Site Description
Site Offline – Set the site frontend offline during maintenance. The site can be set
online later on through the Global Configuration.
Admin Email - Enter an email address. This will be the email address of the Web site
Super Administrator.
Admin Username – It’s recommended to change username
Admin Password – It’s recommended to keep strong password
Database Type - Select your Database
Host Name – Enter Database Host Name
Username – Enter Database User
Password – Enter Database Password
Database Name – Enter Database Name
Table Prefix – Table Prefix for your Joomla Web Site Content
Old Database Process – If you are installing on existing database then it’s
recommended to select Backup
Install Sample Data - Installing sample data is strongly recommended for beginners.
This will install sample content that is included in the Joomla! Installation package.
Email Configuration – Select Yes if you want to have configuration details in email