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- "how much school do you have left?"

- "at this pace - four and a half years."

- "how long have you been going?"

- "two and a half years."

- "what's your major?"

- "business" ......

They talk - between Sinnamon customers - for about an hour: - the cart business,

- cart hours are 7 to 2 Monday through Friday, - "loss" of her parents after the divorce, - neither can afford to help with school, - bought the cart totally by

seller's loan, - paid off in one year, - improved sales and take home pay by

sticking to her business plan, - started tutoring the previous owner's daughter to

pay off the cart faster, - tutoring on weekends only ...

Jon has not enjoyed talking with anyone so much since Alissa. He is impressed

with her business skills, and joy for life.

Jon offer's Michelle a job as the office manager for his tutoring business: - she

can help him get it started, find office space in the building, she can use the office space to tutor her existing students, keep the cart as a safety net until she is

comfortable, develop the business plan, set up the bank accounts, get the

permits, ... And the pay would be $2000.00 per month for working from 2 PM,

when she closes the cart, until 6 PM, or until class starts. "Think about it

overnight and we can discuss tomorrow."

Now it is Michelle's turn to be stunned - "are you serious? Really? I guess it goes to show that things are not always as they appear to be."

Riding up a parking elevator, Jon is surprised at what just happened. He went

from needing an idea on how to solve his disrupted disruption, to helping a "poor"

yet brainy college student, to starting his own business. Now he would rent space

in the same building where Mark Dayton's office safely sits behind all that


[His own business - tutoring / helping people - does not have to worry about the

complicated flight arrangements to keep his cover job intact - more flexibility to handle Zeta assignments].

He needed to talk to Peter about diverting $6000.00 per month from the Tulsa

cancer center to ... M&J Tutoring, maybe J&M Tutoring, or something like that.

Next stop on the compressed Cincinnati tour is Mark Dayton's home.

The Dayton's live in a upper scale neighborhood. Their five year old home is

10,200 square feet with well maintained landscaping. All the blinds are closed.

It's odd there are no bicycles, toys, or balls in the yard. Neighbor homes are

mostly full of activity: - basketball games, - dodgeball, - bike ramps being built, -

skateboarding, - etc.

A few GPS menu screens needed to select "Alston" from the address book - the third Mark Dayton company is 40 miles north of Cincinnati in the quiet Americana

town of Lebanon, Ohio.

It's approaching evening as Jon arrives at Alston Medical. Like Dayton Thermal

Wear the security has several levels: - corner cameras, entrance video, keypad,

enclosed dock, etc.

It's been a good day. Jon has gathered enough information to formulate an action

plan. First target is the highly secured downtown office, then the Persian Rug

store, then the Dayton home, then ... Several thoughts enter Jon's mind

simultaneously: - Dayton's home appears empty, - Mark Dayton is solo in San

Francisco, - the Dayton family is visiting relatives in [where did Peter say they were? ... And, that explains the absence of bikes and balls]. Jon pulls off the highway near a large shopping mall looking for a WiFi network advertised on a

store door. Bingo, a local coffee shop is offering free WiFi to customers ... One

latte later, he has the "super secret" pass code to log-in to their WiFi -

"GreatCoffee". Two minutes later, the Scrambler Blotter is ready to send his request to Anna, the forensics gal - need a list of Mark Dayton's family names

and locations, parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins - same for his wife -

thanks. One minute later, his phone beeps to indicate a text message, "family

info in 2 hr".

Jon enters the highway for the 45 minute return trip to his downtown hotel

located two blocks from the future location of his new tutoring service, and with

line of sight into Mark Dayton's business office.

Jon parks the car, registers at the desk, enters his room, starts his computer,

launches the Scrambler, ... then orders room service. The Dayton family

information and Mark's phone logs are available on the Scrambler. Also, there is

a summary analysis of the phone records from the forensic gal.

Zeta Consulting Group

- phone log summary

- Mark Dayton disruption

1. Calls from any Mark Dayton phone (cell, factories, and office) to his home

number were 2 to 4 per day. Zero calls to home for the last 154 days.

2. 154 short calls from 25 different blocked cell numbers to Mark Dayton's cell

during the same 154 days.

3. Not a single call from Dayton to rug shop (Dayton may not need to call. Just

my thoughts).

4. Traffic between Dayton and relatives listed in second report is off slightly, but not significant to show any trend.

5. Email traffic has dramatically reduced - subjects, quantity, distribution, etc.

6. The encrypted files referencing Op3r@t!0n $un$3T , I believe to be the

Operation Sunset you asked about. Mr Dayton recently pulled his funding on

the west-end-project at the zoo. The timing of these five encrypted files

corresponds with the pulled funding.

A quick review of the Dayton family listing shows there are only two family

households in Seymour, Indiana. The rest are in Ohio and New Mexico.

Thursday's agenda: - meet with Michelle, - if she takes job, get permits, bank

account, start biz plan, - set-up meeting for Friday to lease office space, - and

road trip to Seymour.

Jon arrives at 3427 Bengal Way - parks the car - takes elevator to first floor -

then gets in line for another large-Italian-Sinnamon-Mocha-coffee ... There are

nine people ahead of him, one is a building security guard ... three are

policemen! Four minutes later, Jon is number two in line and impressed by the

speed of service. He arrives at the cart and a large-Italian-Sinnamon-Mocha-

coffee is placed on the cart as Michelle says, "you are my millionth customer. If you will wait for about twenty minutes, I will let you know what your prize is."

Jon goes over to the building security counter to find out who to contact, and

availability of offices to lease. The guard, from the coffee line, pulls out a sheet

with phone numbers, contact names, general pricing, and available spaces for

lease. The available space list includes two spaces on the fifth floor, #542 and


Jon looks over at the cart which now has 12 people in line. Michelle flashes her

hand twice [10 more minutes]. He reviews the list looking for available spaces 425, 427, 625, or 627 - the spaces above and below Mark's office, then takes a

seat at one of Michelle's tables.

Michelle sits at the table - "we have about 25 minutes before the 8 o'clock crowd starts at 7:45. Then I will be busy until about 9:30."

- "interested in being the Office Manager for the Cincinnati tutor service?"

- "I googled Jon Hersey and found out you work for Biz Planners LLC. There was

no mention of tutoring services."

- "I have been thinking about starting a business of my own. Yesterday,

everything fell-into-place. You have the experience for tutoring, the business

sense for running a biz, I want a business that helps people, and Cincinnati area

has the highest density of colleges plus elementary schools per capita."

- "I can not do anything that would jeopardize my finishing college. It may be

slow, but my current plan is at least doable."

- "my suggestion is to keep your cart and tutoring business. Take on a third job setting up the tutoring service, use the office for your current students, and see

what the future brings. If you like it, which I am sure you will, we can talk about

your next move that makes your degree possible."

- "benefits? Pay?"

- "put together a business plan that works and make sure the salary plus benefits you need are in the plan. We need an operations start-up plan and a separate

business plan. Start-ups have unique, one-time needs, and should be analyzed

separately. To get started we need office space, permits, bank accounts, etc.

This building has competitive lease rates, and it's close to your Sinnamon cart.

Here is the sheet I picked-up listing contacts and available space. Get us an

appointment to see some offices - hopefully tomorrow."

- (Michelle pulls a folded sheet of paper from her back pocket). "here is the biz plan. I have the startup cost highlighted in yellow. My proposed salary is $2700

without benefits, or $2000 per month with health and dental insurance."

- "you pick the option that works for you - either option is acceptable to me -

getting the right people is always more important than anything else in business."

- (Michelle extends her hand) "we have a deal!"

- "yes we do!"

Jon writes a check to Michelle for $3,250 which is the amount listed for the first

week on her biz plan. They talk about the action item list she prepared until the

first "8 o'clock" customer arrives. She pulls a business card from her purse and quickly shows Jon the cell number, and best-times-to-call, written on the back.

Jon borrows one of her cards and writes his cell on the back - "I'll call you during


Cincinnati Scintillating Sinnamon was busy with 16 people in line, and Jon was

on his way to Seymour, Indiana.

Crossroads of America

Seymour, Indiana, "cross-roads of America" is one of a few towns where east-west and north-south railroads cross. Town sign reports population at 19,045.

Interstate is lined with well know industrial, manufacturing, distribution, and

service companies. It's big enough to turn on the GPS.

The GPS voice - "Ash street ahead on the right in 800 feet" ... "turn left in 100

feet on Ninth avenue" ... "prepare to turn right on Pine street in 100 feet" ... "your destination is ahead on the right." Jon reduces speed looking for 859 N Pine St.

The house is a 50's style bungalow with an addition in progress on the back. A

closer look reveals that the original house is also under construction. Three

construction trucks are parked in the driveway: - Hansen Plumbing, - Seymour

Electric, - Drywall Specialists. Nothing here!

The next GPS address is selected. One left, 2.3 miles, two rights, another left,

and the destination is ahead on the left - 1268 N Rose Drive. The home of Sam

Argyle, Karen Dayton's only brother-in-law, is a five to seven year old custom

built home. None of the cars in the driveway have the Ohio plate GXZD371.

Anticipating that Mark Dayton's wife could be in town, but not at either address,

Jon decides to start the grid search he developed last evening. He is about to

dedicate four hours to a plan with only fair probability of producing results ... It's better than a stake-out in a small town.

Jon stopped outside another WiFi dispensing coffee shop. To his surprise no

password was needed ... [I guess that's life in a small town]. He is chastising himself for not thinking of this earlier ... Laptop - Scrambler - Blotter ...

- "Anna, any credit card activity on any Dayton credit cards in past five months in Seymour, or near Seymour, Indiana? Or anywhere?"

- "give me 15 minutes."

- "no detail needed just yes or no, and where! Can you send text message?


- "can do."

Jon decides a cup of coffee is needed to help pass the time for 15 to 20 minutes.

[Where could they be if they are not in Seymour?]....

It's been 19 minutes, Jon is getting antsy and irritable ... The phone beeps -

["Thank God, the answer to - where is the Dayton family!']. The message reads,

"appt to C office space at 2:30 2MarO. Doing deal if 2 spaces leased 4 min 3 yrs.


- reply: "good, thnx."

His cell beeps again, and message is, "no unusual credit card activity outside

Cincinnati and Lebanon, Ohio, except for recent charges in Park City, Utah, and

San Francisco. Same 154 days."

- reply: "good, thnx."

A drive by the Argyle home is prudent, but not likely to produce any useful info.

Exiting Seymour, Jon has a 151 minute drive back to Cincinnati. Plenty of time to

think: ... where is the Dayton family? ... If they are not in Seymour ... No credit

card activity by any family except Mark ... Why 154 days? ... How does a family

disappear? ... Can Peter somehow find out if Mark and Karen Dayton are having

marital problems? ... Phone records have a dramatic pattern change ... Check to

see if car is in garage at Dayton home ... Might need to get credit card and phone

activities for wife's maiden name ... How does a family disappear? ... Separation, euro vacation, Mexico, Houdini, exile, change names, trapped in a car crash, ...

THAT'S IT - it has to be - it explains Mark's per-occupation - it explains why Mark

is withdrawing from public - it's how a family disappears ... Where do you hide a

kidnapped family for 154 days?!?

This Disruption is now a Rescue!!!

Schedule gets Wackier by the Minute

Jon exits the interstate to call Peter.

- "hello Jon."

- "Peter, interesting twist to Mark Dayton's disruption. I think Karen Dayton and the two sons have been kidnapped. I do not have enough evidence at this point,

but it is possible Mark is being manipulated to sell medical supplies and launder

money for a terrorist cell. It's the best explanation based on the information I

have now

- "Anna has kept me updated. I like your interpretation better than mine. We need to 'cautiously' act fast and keep Zeta's involvement confidential."

- "what's your thoughts on asking Mark Dayton?"

- "no, not now! If you are right, the family is not in any additional danger. The kidnappers do not know that we know, and questioning Mark may change his

behavior which could endanger family, and alert the kidnappers. Find them!

Then, let's discuss how to rescue them. I'll discuss this with Daryl. Let's talk in the morning after you, Daryl, and I have had some time to think about Dayton's

disrupted disruption."

Jon is back on the interstate and 30 minutes from Cincinnati when his cell rings.

It's Gary Holstein.

- "hello, it's Gary here. I just got off the phone with the others and we would like to reschedule our Monday meeting to Thursday next week. Couple of us are

having difficulty getting our assignments done."

- "what's the groups' temperature?"

- "still good. A lot of enthusiasm and solid effort by everyone. Mark is still

somewhere else at times, but better than earlier this week."

- "next Thursday works for me. See you then."

It's just past evening rush hour, a good time to go for a run. Jon is looking

forward to re-organizing his thoughts; and, focusing on how to find and rescue

the Dayton family. And, how to avoid contact with Mark on Monday, Tuesday,

Wednesday, and the flights to Park City. And, starting his new business. A few

minutes into the run, the mental gears begin to mesh perfectly ... Kidnapping has

to be an inside job ... See if Anna can access Ohio state employment tax records

for Dayton company employees ... Schedule trip to Boca Raton to discuss

leaving Biz Planners with Paul ... Review Fly Fishing Wholesale Group agenda

and follow-up with team members individually on assignments ... Schedule time

with Michelle on Saturday morning to go over in detail the start-up needs ... How

to avoid Mark Dayton??? ... Access to Dayton's office before Mark returns is top

priority ...

Ninety three minutes later, Jon is feeling good about the plans. He orders room


It's Friday - Beginning of the End

At 6:01 AM on the hotel alarm clock, Jon's cell beeps. The text message from

"Bat Phone" says, "early warning, Peter will be calling in one hour to discuss rescue of Dayton family. He is focused, engaged, and angry. He is thankful you

are assigned this disruption / rescue."

6:59 AM - Anna calls, "gentlemen, we are all here. The conference call is secure and being recorded. Present is Peter, Daryl, Jon, and Anna. Peter you called this


Peter - "how do we find the Dayton family, quickly?"

Daryl - "first let's determine if this is an abduction. What is the evidence?"

Jon - "Dayton credit card purchases the past 155 days are authorized by Mark

only. Phone calls between Mark and other family phone numbers stopped 155

days ago. The phone calls from the Persian rug store to Mark's cell have

stopped. Anna, any progress on Ohio state employment taxes?"

Anna - "Persian rug store has one employee, a Sally Walters. The Thermal ..."

Jon interrupts - "did you say a female employee! There are six middle eastern

men in the store!"

Daryl - "I'll be out on the first flight. I can help with the search. Let's not do anything until I arrive and we can strategize. My bets are on the rug store."

Peter - "lease a Lear if it's faster. I agree that the evidence is not sufficient, but is worthy of validation. It explains a lot regarding Mark's behavior changes."

Jon - "Daryl, you can help with the search of Mark's office. My sense of Mark is there will be some form of evidence record. Peter, is Mark in San Francisco?"

Peter - "Talked with Carl yesterday and they are going to Monterey for two days.

Any more information we should share? Anything? Ok we know what to do. Bye."

Jon is more unsettled as time crawls along. To occupy the time he calls Michelle

to find out if they can view the offices. She said, "the owner arrived about 15

minutes ago to make sure the office space is presentable, and interrogate me

about you. Come on down. I am sure he would like to free up his afternoon."

Five minutes to walk the two blocks between the hotel and 3427 Bengal Way.

Michelle has tracked-down Phil Delemer, and put up her "back at 11:00" sign.

Michelle introduces Phil and Jon. Phil pulls his master key card - passes it over

the keypad then presses 1-2-2-4-4-8 - the elevator door behind them opens - Phil

pushes button "5" - and they get off at the fifth floor. The signage indicates the office numbers of Mark Dayton are to the right, and the available offices are to

the left. Phil talked about the security options as he unlocked the door with a

traditional key. The two offices are connected by a double back-to-back door and

the second office includes a small conference room. They view available office

space on the seventh and tenth floors. Jon is happy the security system ends at

the first floor elevator access.

During the elevator ride back to the main floor, Phil offers to lease any second

office at $1.00 per month for one year, with a three year lease. Jon asked

Michelle for her input, both agree the fifth floor offices are the best choice. Phil

goes over to the Security counter for a blank lease form, two office keys, and two

elevator key cards.

With their new lease in hand, Michelle and Jon, survey their newly rented offices.

A check of his watch indicates Daryl will be at the airport in two hours, and

Michelle needs to re-open her cart in fifteen minutes.

- "let's plan to meet here tomorrow morning at 8:00. We can discuss the start-up plan in detail. Maybe that nice lady at the coffee cart will lend us a table and

chairs. I have an appointment at 10:00 tomorrow morning. We will have about an

hour and a half."

- "maybe we can rent the table and chairs. (a big smile reveals her teasing). See you tomorrow."

Jon walks around the fifth floor to assess the security condition and hopefully

determine the operating hours of his "floor mates": - Twelve businesses on the fifth floor - eight work until 5:00 on Friday - and none list Saturday hours.

Time to pick-up Daryl.

Daryl is waiting at the curb - he opens the back door - places his bags on the

back seat. In 30 seconds they are traveling to Cincinnati.

- "any changes since we last talked?"

- "yes. We have rented an office on the same floor as Dayton's office. I think we can check out Dayton's office tonight after 7:00."

- "what is the situation at the rug store?"

- "they open at ten tomorrow. I think we do an old-fashion stake-out on Saturday, and enter the store on Sunday."

- "and finally, how is the tutoring biz going?"

- "meeting early tomorrow morning to plan the start-up phase. Would you like to

come along? It would save us some time and your input would be appreciated."

- "I would be honored to attend. By-the-way, Peter likes the idea of your tutoring biz and the freedom it will give you for Zeta. He would like to pay your start-up


Daryl checks-in - stores his baggage in the room - and takes his equipment bag

to Jon's room to make sure they had everything they need and it all works. For

the Dayton office job the equipment fits into their computer bags.

The streets are nearly empty on a Friday night at 6:45 PM. A few business

people with computer bags, or back-packs, scattered about as two men enter the

building at 3427 Bengal Way. Jon shows his new pass card to the Building

Security Guard, Dwayne. Dwayne asks for Jon to state his name - "Jon Hersey" -

Dwayne reaches under the counter and hands a note to Jon - "Boss, take a table

and some chairs up, Michelle."

A few minutes to set-up the bistro table and chairs in the conference room. The

table turns into a handy workbench. Daryl walks around the fifth floor to insure

they are alone. After a couple passes and a trip to check the restroom, he picks

the lock on suite 525. Jon shows as Daryl opens the door. Jon takes photos of

the office while Daryl goes through the desk. Daryl signals Jon to be quiet - he

found a bug in the phone. A family photo of the Dayton family at a zoo fundraiser

is across from the desk. In an instant Jon knows what the email reference to the

"Zookeeper and African Goats" is about. In the photo, Mark and Karen are

dressed as zookeepers in khaki shirt and pants with pith hats, Matthew and

David are dressed as African Impalas. Jon takes the picture off the wall to see if

it's dated. He finds a small spiral binder ["why does everyone put the stuff they want hidden behind a favorite photo?"]. Jon turns the cover to reveal page one: My name is Mark Dayton. This is a record of the abduction of my family to force

me and my companies to support / fund a terrorist cell. I do not know where

Karen, Matthew, and David are, but have talked with them weekly when

permitted by the kidnappers. I have also recorded a few of the phone calls and

kept them on my micro-safe account titled Operation Sunset in an encrypted

computer-speak font. The encryption code is 0009876aDh.

The overview version is as follows (details are recorded as they happen)

1. To keep the chance of detection low, only medical supplies with broken

packaging, opened for sample packs, and past shelf life items are sold to a

Pakistan company. The sales look legitimate, money is wired to my accounts,

then wire transfers are executed to six people which I have never met. I

believe the Pakistan company is a front for terrorism

2. Persian rugs are purchased from a Pakistan rug company. All profits past what

is needed to keep the store afloat, are siphoned off by an automated wire

transfer every 5 to 7 days for $2,000.

3. I have been instructed to stay away from my companies and can contact them

only by phone. I believe the phone is tapped. My family was threatened if any

other forms of communication were used.

4. Two letters arrived right after the kidnapping, they are hidden in the back of

the photo of me fly fishing (on the desk). Hopefully, there are fingerprints on

the photos, letters, envelope, or stamps.

5. In addition to my family, I suspect Sally Walters, the manager of Persian Rug

Imports, has been kidnapped.

6. If I have died before this is found, Please forward the letter on the last page to my wife and boys. Please also forward the page addressed to Carl Walden.

Jon and Daryl signal each other - leave Dayton's office (with the book) - and

return to the future home of Jon's tutoring service.

- "do you think Anna can trace the phone bug?"

- "I will alter a transistor radio to pick-up a frequency we send on their carrier signal. Like a dog whistle."

- "there's an electronics hobby store down by the rug store."

- "we will set the signal generator in Mark's office tomorrow before your meeting.

The radio can be altered in the field."

- "how do you know all this stuff? You were going through that desk like a trained pro!"

- "one day I'll tell you about my CIA days."

They gather up all the equipment, say good night to Dwayne, then join the sparse

population of late Friday employees on the downtown Cincinnati streets.

Saturdays were meant for Stakeouts

It's 4:09 AM ... Saturday ... awake for - three plus hours ... reading Mark's diary ...

adrenaline is running ... abducted Dayton family ... his first stakeout ... thin action plan ... weak evidence ... time for a run ... 82 minutes later ... refreshed and

ready ... for rescue duty.

They clear building security after a short conversation with Ronaldo. Daryl opens

the Dayton office door, Jon gives him a curious look, then Daryl whispers, "no

need to lock it last night, we needed access this morning." Daryl plugs in the

electronic "dog whistle", turns to Jon and locks the door with emphasis, then smiles - "it's locked now!"

Michelle arrives with three Large-Italian-Sinnamon-mocha-coffees ... and one

chair. Jon gives her a curious look, then Michelle whispers, "Ronaldo told me."

Jon introduces Michelle and Daryl. They take seats around the "conference

table" as Michelle pulls two sheets of paper out of her back pocket - hands one to Jon - its titled Cincinnati Studious Schooling - she says to Jon, "could not resist the name." - she apologizes to Daryl for not having a third sheet - pauses a

couple seconds - then hands the second sheet to Daryl - "here, I know what I


Michelle orchestrates the meeting for 48 minutes. She covers everything on Jon's

handwritten list and more: - itemized list of funding needs, permits, purchase is

cheaper than rental furniture, stationary, equipment, computer security, tests to

determine students skills and improvements, rewards based on student's

interest, hours of operation, marketing strategy, controlling growth, tests for

future tutor hires, need for a vision statement and tag line, ... "after all, you have to have the right bait to catch fish" .... When she finished Daryl turns to Jon and says, "I like her!", then he leaves the conference room to "make a few calls."

Jon writes another check for the next week's start-up funding plus $3,000. He

then spends about ten minutes explaining his commitments to Biz Planners, his

current Fly Fishing project, and his resignation - which will take a few weeks to

update his boss on open projects, he would be available sporadically over the

next six weeks, etc.

Jon's cell rings, he checks the display - "bat phone". "hello, what's up?" - "I have the car and will meet you on the street." - "just finished here" - "good answer!"

While driving, Daryl talks about his plan for the day: - find the right spots so they can move around, - buy the radio to modify, - he would buy a rug for delivery to

the office, - while he buys a rug, Jon will check out the exterior, - record store

activity while they are out of car, - determine if and where to put video

surveillance, - some typical stakeout stuff, - second car he rented for the

afternoon, ... Jon decides the plan is not so thin!

They arrive and park in the spot Jon picked. A 30" hedge blocks the front and

hood of the car. They are 85 yards from the Persian Rug Imports door. Daryl

reaches into the equipment bags to find two pair of binoculars and a video

camera the size of a small cigar. He hooks the camera to a one terabyte solid

state drive by a super thin cable. The camera is placed in a small sandbag then

covered with a baseball cap. A low power LCD 3x4" screen is connected to the

drive. Pushing a button on the side of the screen brings up a menu for controlling

the camera. A few minor adjustments of the sand bag and cap before a miniature

laser mike is attached to the outside mirror. Daryl places some weird looking

glasses over his eyes to aim the mike, then turns it off - "once the beam hits the window it's hard to detect. But if anyone walks between us and the window the

beam will show on clothing. It's best to selectively use the mike. I'll plant a bug

when I go in to buy your rug ... The electronics store is open. Hope they have

transistor radios. See you in ten minutes. We have 22 minutes before they open

the doors. How about some coffee and snacks?" Jon is again surprised by

Daryl's skill-set and the easy demeanor.

Jon takes the "scenic" route to coffee and snacks, looking for a path to the back of the strip mall and ultimately the rug shop. A narrow walkway between the

liquor store and knitting shop goes through to the back and is out-of-sight from

the rug shop.

It's 9:50, some light activity around the strip mall - probably a normal Saturday.

Daryl is modifying his new radio. Three minutes later, two employees enter the

rug store. Two minutes pass then three employees approach the the door and

knock. Jon taps Daryl on the shoulder.

- "see that?"

- "what?"

- "one guy has coffee and bagels. One guy has groceries in a bag - bread, milk,

cereal, pop tarts. Do they look like cereal guys? I'll bet they are bagel guys."

The rug store door is opened, and Jon sits-up then looks at the screen.

- "two guys three minutes ago, plus three guys now, is not six guys in the shop. I think guy number six was in the shop - maybe overnight. Five of them are

dressed in sport shirts, jackets, and dress pants. Number six is dressed in jeans

and sweatshirt."

- "let's use the laser mike. Keep your eyes open for people crossing the beam."

- "young one sick. Many trip to toilet ... He need to live for one more weeks ....

Our operation almost complete ... How plan to terminate husband? ... Continue to

use different food store each day ... Running out of opt chz chz [Daryl placed his hand in front of the mike as a family of five walked across the line of the beam].

... transfer ... Set for Monday ... You two go to our homeland ... We will burn

store and home before our return." Daryl turned the mike off.

- "I've heard enough. This IS a rescue operation!!! ... You thought the family might be in the old delivery truck box. Still your best guess?"

- "there's no basement. The two shops next to the rug store are occupied. Did not see any built-in space on my visit. But, at the time, my assignment was a

disruption, not a kidnapping."

- "you are going to use your Seal training! ... Now, how do we get these six goofballs away from the store so we can rescue the Dayton's? And, how do we get

them some jail time? Keep in mind, the truck box might be rigged with

explosives, or some type of gas."

- "I say we stick with plan "A" - you buy a rug and plant the bug - I survey outside of the store - we meet back here in thirty minutes - we develop a better plan ...

where is MacGyver when you need him!"

Down the narrow walkway between the liquor and knitting stores - turn right into

the delivery alley - seven dock doors down should be Persian Rug Imports. All

the entry doors are marked - Mom's Knitting, - Cincinnati Hobbies, - Holy Catholic

Bookstore, - American Band Rentals, - Kitchen Krafts, - Darla's Custom Wedding

Dresses, - Persian Rug Imports (on two doors). Persian Rug Imports must lease

two store sections.

This portion of the strip mall faces south and at mid-morning the shadows let the

sun shining through the store front windows leak through every little crack on the

two entry doors, two 10' dock doors, and every conduit passing through the wall.

Jon looked both ways down the alley - no ladder for roof access - moved three

small stones to the middle of the delivery alley - then walked back down the alley

to Kitchen Krafts to climb the drain pipe. The roof had a wooden walkway along

the building's entire length (reminded him of the sidewalks of Jackson Hole). Jon

followed the walkway to the three stones he placed on the alley asphalt below.

To avoid any potential sound created by walking on the gravel roof, Jon surveyed

the area from the walkway: - five exhaust vents, probably hot water for each

section , bathroom vent for each section, and ... and ... and what is the fifth one

for? - two HVAC units - and two sky lights. Jon pulls out his camera to have a

better look at the fifth vent. Using the zoom lens he could see the gravel had

been pushed around the base, - the sharp edges have not started to rust, - and

the square cap was different. A look at the other vents revealed the gravel had

been scattered on the roof after the vents were installed - no ripples from back

filling with hands, - the galvanized caps have about half an inch of rust around

the edges, - and the other vent caps are round. Jon pulls the modified transistor

radio from his jacket pocket - turns it on - the indicator light attached to the other modified circuitry glows red for three, one second bursts, pauses then three

bursts again - the phone bug in Dayton's office was being transmitted to the six

men below.

Daryl is in the car when Jon returns - "how was shopping?"

- "I bought you two rugs. They gave me 40% off. Now how to get them delivered

... The bug is planted. If they sell any 4x4 rugs they may find it - which might work in our favor ... I got a clerk with an attitude, it was as if his sentences were not

complete, and I was being insulted somehow."

- "I had the same guy ... I found a new vent. Perhaps into the truck box. Do you have a video unit we can snake into the vent tonight? Also, there are a few

places around the doors we can use it."

- "I have the unit you need - new ultra-thin, high-resolution pencil type ... You are right, the guy in the back is guarding the box. Let's go, we have done all we can

do for now. We can come back after the stores close to look down the vent.

Hopefully, we can find the Dayton family at the end of that vent. If not, we got

nothing but some arrogant goofballs. I dropped a "dime" locator in a couple of those sport coat pockets. Anna can track them by GPS ... How did the radio


- "great! Three pulses, pause, three pulses, pause..."

Jon's image of Daryl is constantly evolving - dropped two locators, well informed

on use of equipment, former CIA, expert fly fisherman, calm, great communicator

- as Alissa would say, "things are not always as they appear to be."

They arrive at hotel - store the equipment bags in trunk - go to Jon's room - fire-

up Scrambler - request GPS tracking on dime locators coded grl0934 and

grl0937. Jon's cell acknowledges a text message, "34 & 37 done".

Jon turns-off the Scrambler. "we need an in-store diversion. Something that

makes them want to leave the store, that we can control remotely."

- "I suggest we validate, this evening, if the Dayton's are there. If they are, then hit the store at 4 AM so we have only one, maybe two, kidnappers to deal with.

Peter can contact Carl to put Mark on a plane to be here for his family. Peter can

send the Lear from here (Daryl notices Jon's quizzical look) - that's how I got all

that equipment here, it would never make it through TSA ... "

- "got some smoke grenades in those bags?"

- "we can not get them in the store. No holes big enough. Our terrorist friends

might be trained to handle a smoke bomb. Here's what we need ... ....

A time to cry

It's 11:00 PM, and dark. Jon is using Daryl's night vision head gear - climbing the

same drain pipe - and walking the same wooden pathway. Arriving at the spot

where he is going to quietly, gently lay the two 18" x 4' x 3/4" plywood boards end-to-end until he reaches the vent. Now just one foot from the fifth vent. Jon

can see the price tag on the cap and feel the air going into the vent. ["This is not a vent, its an air intake"]. Jon puts the foam sock on the camera to keep it from clanking down the pipe. Watching the screen, he lowers the wide angle camera

into the pipe to within half-an-inch of the in-vent fan blades. He can see the face

of a pale, sick David Dayton who was placed directly under the air vent. He

removes the camera and returns to the car.

The set-up begins at 2:00 AM. The two buckets are filled with the mix of cleaning

chemicals prescribed by Daryl - the extra large funnels are inverted over the

buckets - the garden hose is clamped on the funnel, then placed through one of

the gaps in the dock doors - the seltzer tablets they placed in the socks are set

by the side of the buckets ... back at the car they can hear snoring on the bug.

- "I say we are ready, let's go."

- "I agree."

Jon goes around back one more time, picks-up the funnels, and drops the seltzer

socks in the secret solution. Jon has five minutes before the smoke generators

produce "clouds of smoke" according to Daryl.

Daryl backs the van he rented as Oliver Trenton, by the front door of the soon-to-

be-smoking Persian Rug Imports. He puts the tool bag next to the store under

the window, and backs the car three parking spaces from the van.

Smoke shadows are dancing on the back wall. Daryl grabs the cylinder marked

oxygen from the van. Thirty seconds later the smoke alarms go off. They have

about four minutes before the firemen arrive. Goofball #1 is shocked from his

dreams by the smoke detectors squealing, sees the smoke then runs away from

the smoke ... And the box. As he gets close to the door that Daryl picked, Daryl

says, "QUICK, come here, I have some oxygen for you. Is there anyone else in

there?" He places the breathing cup over the face of the head shaking no. Within seconds, Goofball is feeling woozy. Daryl helps him into the back of the van.

Jon enters the smokey store with the tool bag. Arriving at the box, he finds the

latch is "locked" with a bolt, not a padlock. He opens the door to three terrified faces ... And one pale sick boy. Jon picks-up David and yells above the smoke

detectors, "FOLLOW ME!!" He turns around and nearly runs into Daryl - "I'll bring up the rear to be sure everyone gets out. Now go!!" Karen, Sally, and

Matthew follow Jon into the car. Four ex-abductees in the back seat as they pull

onto the road. They can hear the firetrucks in a distance. Jon looks at Daryl.

Daryl says, "hand cuffed to the hole in the seat belt buckle."

When they arrive at the Dayton home, Daryl checks the house before the Dayton

family is escorted into their home by Daryl. Jon gets three bags of groceries from

the trunk. Karen hugs Daryl then Jon - "thank you!". Daryl closes the door and checks to be sure it's locked. They are three blocks away when they remove the

ski masks.

Mark Dayton is 38,000 feet in the air sitting in the plush seats of Peter's private

jet when his cell rings - "Mark, we are home!" - "I will be home in about an hour, I love you" ... Mark and Karen cry together on the phone ....

The regional FBI station is three blocks from the hotel. A loan pedestrian pushes

a large envelope through the mail slot. It contains Mark's notebook, envelopes

removed from the fishing picture on the desk, the decoded Operation Sunset

files, and the GPS coordinates of five terrorists. The address reads "Attn: FBI

terrorist team"

Taking care of business

Jon opens his hotel room - slides the do-not-disturb sign off the inside handle

and deposits it on the outside handle - 48 hours without sleep, [might be the Seal training Daryl referred to] - his cell beeps to notify it is holding a text message -

"Jon. Had fun! Peter is very happy w/ result. Kidnappers just arrested. Anna was anonymous caller to FBI. Fishing in three weeks, interested? Don't forget to pick-up the signal generator in Mark's office. Again, I had fun. Get some rest. Daryl."

Jon has one last detail before sleeping the rest of his Sunday. Laptop -

Scrambler - Blotter - "Thank You! Your help is very much appreciated." He is about to press the amusing ESC key when the Scrambler beeps - "your

welcome, get some sleep."

Monday 5:00 AM - nearly 24 hours of sleep, Jon is showered, dressed, and

enjoying the sunrise. Room service knocks, sets-up on the room's table, accepts

the tip, then exits. It has been less than a week and he has given up coffee for

Cincinnati Scintillating Sinnamon which he will enjoy this morning with his new

office manager.

At 6:45 Jon walks over to building which is the home of his new business -

Cincinnati Studious Schooling. Michelle smiles and sets a large-Italian-

Sinnamon-Mocha-coffee on the cart - "I saw you cross the street." ... They split-up Michelle's list. Jon decides to work in the new office. He takes a little detour to pick-up the signal generator they left in Mark's office.

A few minutes past nine Jon's cell rings, it's Mark Dayton.

- "hello"

- "hello Jon. Mark Dayton here. I wanted to call and let you know I am going to

back-out of the fly fishing group. I am very interested in the deal, but I want to

spend more time with my family; and, ... I have some work to do with my

businesses before I get involved with something else."

- "that's too bad, the fly fishing group could be fun and profitable."

- "I will call the others to let them know." .....

Jon understood, all to well, how much Mark wanted to be with his family. He still

aches when he thinks of how much he would like to talk with Alissa.

Jon thinks of Paul Tyler as a fly fishing enthusiast, his boss, and a friend.

- "Paul, the Fly Fishing Wholesale Group is looking for a new partner.


- "are they looking for an individual, or is a corporate partner acceptable?"

- "the other members are small biz owners. I am guessing they will be

comfortable with an individual."

- "Suzie and I have already talked it over. We want to be partners. Suzie loves to fly fish almost as much as I do."

- "can you come up with the two million?"

- "we have $900,000 now, and can get the other 1.1 over three months?"

- "I suggest you and Suzie fly out to Park City to meet the other members. They

will want to give you the membership test before they vote you in. I will call the

other members and let them know about your interest."

Through-out the day, Jon calls the rest of the FFWG members. He talks to each

of them about Paul - his fly fishing enthusiasm, his business knowledge, how he

started Biz Planners, etc. Jon gives them Paul's contact info so they can call to

talk with him directly. While they are on the phone, Jon discusses CEO options,

and follows-up on their assigned tasks.

Tuesday is more of the same: - directions from Michelle, - discussions with

FFWG team, - talking with Paul and Suzie, - Cincinnati Studious Schooling stuff,


Wednesday - Jon's meeting with Michelle will be between the two early morning

coffee runs. He checks out then walks over to 3427 Bengal Way. As he crosses

the lobby area he meets Mark Dayton. His first instinct is "oops", but then quickly realized he is there on business. They shake hands ...

- "you have probably heard from Carl about my family."

- "yes, happy to hear it turned out well. Sorry they had to live through that."

- "we still do not know who rescued them. Karen said they wore ski masks, but

we are truly thankful to the two mystery men. Someone delivered to the FBI, my

notebook which I used like a diary. And, some friend of Carl's flew his private jet

out to California to fly me home."

- "wow! You never know where help is going to come from!"

- "that's for sure ... we are delivering two rugs to your new office today. Hope you enjoy them. Thanks!"

Looking forward to the ever entertaining morning meeting with Michelle, Jon

approaches the cart as Michelle sets his "usual" on the shelf. Michelle sees the angel pin on his computer bag - "my mom gave me a pin like that for Christmas

last year." Jon replied - "it keeps me safe and helps me be a good citizen." They sit down to go over what needs to be done before he departs for Utah.

Before leaving the office for Utah, Jon orders flowers for Michelle. The card reads

"Michelle, I am enjoying your enthusiasm and energy. Keep up the good work.


Thursday's meeting in Park City goes very well. Paul and Suzie fit into the group

better than Jon expected. Unanimous votes for Paul and Suzie, changing the

shop's incentive to purchase discounts, electing Janice Anderson Chief

Executive Officer, funding based on personal availability over the next 60 days,

the Internet option, and the purchase of the distributor.

That night at dinner Jon discusses his leaving Biz Planners with Paul. They talk

for over an hour. Jon agrees to a 90 day notice giving Paul time to get up to

speed on Jon's clients and find a replacement. Jon agrees to help on special

projects and conduct an occasional training class for new employees.

The Friday return flight to Cincinnati arrives at 11:00 AM. He is back at the office

around noon:30. The line at Cincinnati Scintillating Sinnamon is 14 people deep.

Michelle and Jon wave to each other. Jon goes to the office to find: - office

furniture, phones, conference table with chairs, two cubicles for tutoring, fly

fishing pictures decorating the walls, flowers he sent Michelle, ... one large Italian Sinnamon Mocha coffee on the desk, ... two Persian Rugs, ... And stationary with

the Cincinnati Studious Schooling tag line -

"Things are not always as they appear to be!"


Jon Hersey - Industrial Spy Series by Leo N. Ardo



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