Jon Hersey - Spy Fishing HTML version

Vegetable Wrap
Jon Hersey (being careful to word the Biz Planner report so his boss, Paul Tyler,
will not discover his clandestine involvement with Injector One) is completing his
final report on the Grindell Injectors purchase of Injector One:
- management has been blended together
- the remodel of Grindell's former facility is in progress
- contracts with Injector One and Grindell customers are finalized
- Ian Breck decided to retire to farm property he purchased near Marlow
from four sisters scattered throughout the west
- only employee lost was Charles Johnson, a childhood friend who quit
out of loyalty to Ian
- Grindell is on track to begin payments to Biz Planners in three months.
It's been three weeks since Ian "decided" to sell Injector One to Grindell. It has
been three weeks of intense, time-consuming concentration closing the Grindell
deal. Luckily there were no concurrent Zeta assignments. It's Tuesday, and no
jobs or assignments on the schedule for at least six days.
Jon is three steps down the hallway going for coffee, when the beep from the
Scrambler goes off on the computer. [Jon wishes he had put a bar sink in his
home office. Alissa would not have objected to an office coffee maker. Then,
cleaning the carafe and dumping the grounds would not require hauling them
through the house to the kitchen. Oh well, coffee will have to wait].
One login code, one password, and one "Spot" entry to the childhood pet's name
inquiry followed by a ten second delay. The next Zeta disruption assignment
"details" are displayed on his laptop.
Zeta Consulting Group
Target Company:
Alston Medical Supplies
1285 Oak Tree Road
Lebanon, Ohio 42690
Mark Dayton (suspect)
Office location - downtown Cincinnati at 3427 Bengal Way
Suite 525 and 527
Instructions / Details:
- arrange soonest possible meeting with Daryl for details.