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Jon Hersey - Spy Fishing
By Leo N. Ardo
Each year 18M people fly fish - only 5M swing a fly rod at least a second time -
these "echoes" are considered an enthusiast. In the enthusiast group, 75% are
men, 53% of group are over age 35, and 52% are unmarried.
Annual retail sales for fly fishing products, from the cheapest fly tying materials to
the most expensive 6 piece pack rod, approach $2.48B - an average of $500 per
enthusiast. Additionally, $1.1B is spent on vacation packages, associated
lodging, and clothing.
It is believed the first use of artificial fishing flies was in the second century by a
Roman, Claudious Aelianus.
The winner of the national fly tying contest in Bozeman, Montana, took home
$25,000. The Madison Tie One On derby, where fly fishermen can use only one
fly per day, has a $125,000 first place purse.
5,000+ fly shops, and a shrinking number of big box stores, provide goods and
services to 5M fly fishing enthusiasts.