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2005 was the year of Hurricane Katrina, more worldwide terrorist attacks, White Sox breaking the drought to win the world series, more coalition solders dying in Afghanistan, Lance Armstrong winning his record setting 7th Tour de France, more solders dying in Iraq, and record setting 27th hurricane ... Zeta.

Tropical storm Zeta began December 29, 2005 and forecasted to dissipate in a few days. Like the record setting, unpredictable 2005 hurricane season, Zeta strengthened to a category four hurricane. Although never striking land, Zeta disrupted all the major Atlantic shipping lanes and sank five cargo ships. The crew of one ship, the Largetic - carrying cargo from the Mediterranean, was rescued before it sank off the coast of South Carolina. In a routine check of ID's it was discovered three of the twelve crew members were on the terror watch list.

Zeta's record setting eight day existence was never reported by the American news channels. It's shipping lane disruption, it's sinking of five ships, and it's impact on the economy silently slipped into the Atlantic without a mention on the news ... no "film at eleven".

2006 was the first year of Zeta Consulting Group - a company who's public mission statement is "Fixing a way to success" - And - who's private mission is "Disrupting bad business practices".