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2005 was the record-setting year for category five hurricanes: - Emily, Katrina, Rita, and
Wilma. 2005 hurricane records included the highest number of major hurricanes to hit
the United States: - Dennis, Katrina, Rita, and Wilma. The record setting 28th storm
Zeta ended the 2005 season on January 6, 2006 when downgraded to a tropical
depression. The next day it dissipated southeast of Bermuda.
Tropical storm Zeta began December 29, 2005 and forecasted to dissipate in a few
days. Like the record setting, unpredictable 2005-hurricane season, Zeta reached
Tropical Storm status. Zeta did not reach land. There were no recorded deaths, or
damage. Zeta received little attention for its growth to Tropical Storm status. Zeta's
limited recognition came from its record-setting statistics.
The Atlantic Rowing Race delayed until a late-November start because of the unusual
hurricane season. Most rowing crews ran into unfavorable racing conditions after
completing about a third of the race. During the early January re-start several crews
crossed through the southern edge of Tropical Storm Zeta.